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Don't Treat Your Junk Like Junk: The Boxers vs Briefs Debate

Look, I think for the most part we can pretty much all agree that a man in briefs or boxer-briefs tends to look better than if he were wearing boxers. Briefs—and their love-child boxer-briefs—are slimming and have support stitching along the rear, which gives the buttocks some nice lift. This shows off all those hard hours at the gym doing squats, or at least helps make it look like you do something other Netflix all the time. Boxers, on the other hand, are basically cotton shorts with all the support of a wet paper bag.

 The biggest complaint of anti-briefers tends to be feelings of restriction. Which is—somewhat—understandable; nobody likes feeling as if their nether bits are being choked to death (unless you’re into that sorta’ thing). 

However, to those still wearing their high-tech loincloths (boxers) I have great news: briefs and boxer-briefs makers have caved to your demands. Now it’s possible to buy attractive, form fitting underwear that have comfort pouches to cradle those important parts. Comfort pouches are these wonderful little hammocks built into the front of your underwear that give your bits support without suffocating them. Most underwear companies/manufacturers now have product lines that include comfort pouches. A few of my favorite companies that have been leading the charge on quality, appealing, and comfortable underwear are MeUndies, Sheath, and Aussiebum. 

For those of you trying to make the arduous transition from saggy, unappealing boxers to the sleek, sexy brief/boxer-brief I would highly recommend MeUndies. While not as sexy as Aussiebum, MeUndies are exceptionally comfortable. They are made from a lightweight material that wicks moisture away from the body, and doesn’t gather it into a wet patch anywhere. They also have thinner waistbands, a nice feature for those of us who don’t have the flattest of stomachs and are tired of feeling our waistbands bend, roll, and fold (see our wellness section for more tips on solving this problem).

Boxer-briefs don’t seem to have as much push back as briefs. Sadly, many adult men think of briefs and immediately see their grandfather’s “whitey tighties” or the “underoos” they wore as children, embossed with Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. Well, stop. Briefs are an excellent choice of underwear. They allow your junk to breath better than boxers, don’t bunch or ride, provide support, and add some sexiness to your bedroom strip down.

Underwear isn’t just about appeal, but comfort and confidence as well. It’s worth the cost of a pair of underwear to know that you’re going to feel like Daniel Craig, walking out of the ocean, when your bedroom-buddy gets an eyeful of your undies. And that, persons one-and-all, is why boxers are out and briefs are in.

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