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Adrian Drew - Sep 19, 2018

An Interview With Music Producer Ben Stancombe

Successful music producer and entrepreneur Ben Stancombe, founder and CEO at AMS Music Group Ltd., regularly works with world-recognized artists and brands.

Ben founded AMS Music Group Ltd. several years ago, building his company up from a small-time, bedroom-based music studio to a well-establish brand working in close-contact with corporate giants such as Sony, Warner and Jaguar, as well as producing music for big-name influencers such as Joe Weller and Jordan Houston.

I was fortunate enough to have some of Ben’s time, asking him a number of questions about his journey to entrepreneurship and his experiences in the music industry.

What do you do?

This answer is always a tricky one, I guess I don’t necessarily do one thing in particular - there’s a few industry’s I’m involved in like fashion / stock trading, a few others! But my main venture is my company AMS Music Group which is a record label based from UK & USA.

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How did you get into the music industry? 

I actually started as an artist, writing & releasing my own material. It got to a stage where things were going pretty well with interest from major labels, and I managed to play alongside the likes of Ed Sheehan, Kings of Leon & a number of fantastic artists. As time went on, I started producing my own songs. People would ask me where I got them recorded and when I explained that I recorded them myself they started asking me if I could record their songs too. This is where I started falling into the business side of the industry, and over time, through gaining experience and having the best fucking team behind me, it’s all evolved into where we stand now.

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Which projects are you most proud of?

This one i’m struggling to answer, i’m very proud & of all projects I’ve worked on. Myself, my business partner Owain & my team have worked with some wonderful artists & company’s. Over the past few months we’ve finished up projects for EE Mobile, Mercedes Benz, Twinings Tea, Sony music, Three, and many, many more wonderful artists and companies. We’re nothing but humbled to be nominated as one of the fastest growing independent record labels of 2018. That still hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

What does the future hold for AMS?

I think the future of AMS is nothing but exciting. Seeing how much the company has grown & in the past year is crazy, we’ve employed and surrounded ourselves with the most positive and motivated people we know. This is such an important factor and it’s already having a huge effect on our productivity as it would with any company. Our goal is to build & elevate every single artist we work with through AMS whilst helping them achieve maximum exposure. We’re super excited that we’ve just added two incredible assets into the company who will be responsible for PR and representing the digital face of our brand.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

I would say my advice to beginners is to concentrate on building an audience & fan base, and start doing research on the industry. The music business has become a very self sufficient and independent field where all artists can write, record and release a song easily - often within a day. It’s all about knowing how to market and brand your product in the correct way.

Serious motivation and a strong desire for success are crucial. The business is notorious for being one of the most brutal industries out there - but of course, it’s also one of the most fun and spontaneous.

If you bring something unique to the table, something that nobody else is doing & have success in marketing your brand correctly, then you’re sure to make a success out of your craft.

Written by Adrian Drew

Self-help blogger and freelance writer. Personal development writer and founder and editor of Mind Cafe (https://medium.com/mind-cafe), a Medium publication.

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