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Adrian Drew

Self-help blogger and freelance writer. Personal development writer and founder and editor of Mind Cafe (https://medium.com/mind-cafe), a Medium publication.

Recent Posts

3 min read
Men's Journal - May 13, 2019

What’s All This About Open Relationships?

The concept of an ‘open relationship’ isn’t anything new. For many years, centuries even, couples have...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Apr 10, 2019

Everything You Should Know About Drinking Alcohol: Are Your Drinking Habits Normal?

Love it or hate it, the fact that drinking alcohol is an integral part of Western culture is undeniable....
3 min read
Finance - Mar 27, 2019

Saving Money: How to Keep More Cash on Hand

We’re all aware of the sad fact that money simply doesn’t come easily - and when it does, most of us find...
3 min read
Toxic Masculinity - Mar 12, 2019

How Men Can Confront Toxic Masculinity

In the past ten years, every news story seems to have been all about feminism; about protecting women’s...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Mar 9, 2019

Antidepressants: The Myths, The Stigma, and the Truth

What it is (and isn’t) like to take mood-altering medicine Poor mental health is something that affects us...
4 min read
Workouts - Feb 25, 2019

How To Build Muscle At Home

Like every other human on the planet, my buddy Callum and I decided we wanted to get in shape this year....
3 min read
Dating - Jan 21, 2019

On Dating and Social Rejection

Many singletons worldwide find themselves bouncing between dates, cripplingly self-conscious and eager to...
3 min read
Wellness - Jan 17, 2019

Pull-Ups: An Underrated Exercise for Building Muscle

There are plenty of exercises around, some difficult, some enjoyable, and some downright pointless.
4 min read
Feature - Oct 26, 2018

Music You Don't Want to Miss: Ellis Lawrie In the Spotlight [Feature]

After playing as a bassist alongside pop-punk powerhouse Thank the Academy and securing a spot at number...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Oct 1, 2018

5 Best Products for Preventing Razor Bumps

If there’s one aspect of being a man that we all hate, it’s razor bumps - those pimply, red and painful...
8 min read
Lifestyle - Sep 19, 2018

An Interview With Music Producer Ben Stancombe

Successful music producer and entrepreneur Ben Stancombe, founder and CEO at AMS Music Group Ltd.,...
3 min read
Wellness - Jan 1, 2018

Guys– Let's be Honest About Mental Health

Suicide is the leading cause of death in men under the age of 50. Allow that to sink in for a moment;...

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