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Necko L. Fanning

Necko is a veteran, LGBT activist, and writer. In addition to his work as a freelancer Necko writes fiction with the purposes of providing strong LGBT and female protagonists to the world. More of his work can be found at neckofanning.com.
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Recent Posts

2 min read
Wellness - Jul 4, 2018

Grow a Pair and Perform a Self-Exam

As of May 2018 the American Cancer Society reports that 1 in every 250 men will be affected by testicular...
3 min read
Wellness - Jun 13, 2018

(Pro)state of the Union: What You Should Know About Prostate Health

It’s time to talk about that mysterious, little known buddy-up-your-butt, the prostate. Unfortunately, the...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Apr 30, 2018

Living With the Land or Conquering It: Hypermasculinity's Ecological Effects

If you’re reading the title of this article and rolling your eyes, believe me, I get it. Nowadays it feels...
2 min read
Wellness - Apr 16, 2018

Staying Safe While Enjoying What Spring Has to Offer

It’s that time of the year. The time when the flowers bloom, the sun is finally warn again, and when men...
2 min read
fashion - Mar 28, 2018

Don't Treat Your Junk Like Junk: The Boxers vs Briefs Debate

Look, I think for the most part we can pretty much all agree that a man in briefs or boxer-briefs tends to...
2 min read
Wellness - Mar 19, 2018

Barbells, Burpees, and Bear-Crawls, Oh My!

In the pursuit of better bodies and better health we often stagnate our workouts. Many of us are guilty of...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Mar 5, 2018

Discrimination in the (Digital) Gay Community

Have you been on a gay social / dating app recently? If so you might have noticed profiles that read “No...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Feb 14, 2018

The BlakeWrites Go-Bag for Dates Gone Wrong

We’ve all had bad dates, bad sex, been rejected, or some catastrophic combination of the three. Somehow,...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Jan 19, 2018

Who's My Battle Buddy?

One of the first things you learn at BCT (Basic Combat Training) in the Army is that everyone has a battle...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Jan 1, 2018

The Mask of Masc Gay Culture

For a community that prides itself on diversity, gay men have had a longstanding issue with placing those...

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