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Donate what you can: Black Lives Matter

3 min read
Lifestyle - Mar 5, 2018

Discrimination in the (Digital) Gay Community

Have you been on a gay social / dating app recently? If so you might have noticed profiles that read “No...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Feb 28, 2018

How to Not Be A Shitty Coworker

When deciding to take on a new role, the people you work with are often just as important as the job itself
4 min read
Lifestyle - Feb 14, 2018

The BlakeWrites Go-Bag for Dates Gone Wrong

We’ve all had bad dates, bad sex, been rejected, or some catastrophic combination of the three. Somehow,...
3 min read
Wellness - Jan 31, 2018

How Knee Surgery Helped Me Learn The Truth About Confidence

I've spent most of 2017 with one leg.
4 min read

Time to Turn Up! (But... the right way)

Headlines and warning labels covering the health hazards of alcohol consumption can make it difficult to...
3 min read
Wellness - Jan 24, 2018

Staying Strong: How to Preserve Your Masculinity While Experiencing Depression

Our minds are not simply the creators of thought and keepers of memory; they are also battlefields upon...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Jan 19, 2018

Who's My Battle Buddy?

One of the first things you learn at BCT (Basic Combat Training) in the Army is that everyone has a battle...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Jan 12, 2018

Not Your Apu: Being Caught Between Cultures

The Balancing Act of Being Indian in England Growing up between cultures is hard. Finding the balance...
2 min read
redefining masculinity - Jan 10, 2018

The Decline of Macho Masculinity (And why that's a good thing)

Being ‘macho’ has long been part and parcel of what it means to be a man in modern society. This masculine...
5 min read
fashion - Jan 8, 2018

Are You Man Enough for Leggings?

Here’s the thing: I used to be a leggings skeptic. Perhaps that’s putting it too lightly. In fact, I...
7 min read
Lifestyle - Jan 6, 2018

Defying Gender norms... one dress at a time

In his upcoming book, Fragile Masculinity, photographer Matthew Dean Stewart calls the nature of gender...
4 min read
Wellness - Jan 3, 2018

3 Reasons Why Being Vegan Is Super Manly

The vegan lifestyle seemingly became the 2017 craze. Eat plants, not animals! Everywhere you go, people...
3 min read
Wellness - Jan 1, 2018

Guys– Let's be Honest About Mental Health

Suicide is the leading cause of death in men under the age of 50. Allow that to sink in for a moment;...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Jan 1, 2018

The Mask of Masc Gay Culture

For a community that prides itself on diversity, gay men have had a longstanding issue with placing those...
21 min read
Wellness - Jan 1, 2018

Step Up Your Workout Game: Train Like Aquaman

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Jason Momoa’s Aquaman physique. While celebrity workouts for...
2 min read
fashion - Jan 1, 2018

The Smart Casual Dress Code: What it is and How to Prepare

Most of us have been invited to a party or function with the dreaded smart casual dress code at some point...

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