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23 min read
Wellness - Jan 7, 2020

Get Smart About Your Fitness with a Masterclass By Ph.D. Muscle Himself, Aaron Chacon

Rather hear a recap of some of Aaron's main points? Check out this video recap on YouTube!   In my...
8 min read
Wellness - Jan 2, 2020

I Drank Athletic Greens Every Day for a Month: Here’s What Happened

Rather hear about our experience with Athletic Greens? Check out this video recap on YouTube! ...
3 min read
mental health - Dec 12, 2019

Psychedelics, Masculinity, and Mental Health

Psychedelics, such as LSD and psilocybin, are showing great promise in the treatment of a range of...
3 min read
Self-Improvement - Dec 6, 2019

Men With ‘Anger Issues’: Why the Problem is Often Much Deeper

You may have encountered different men in your life who you believe have ‘anger issues’. You may even feel...
2 min read
underwear review - Dec 4, 2019

Want to see my Junk? (Underwear Review of the brand Junk Underjeans... get your mind out of the gutter)

29 min read

Slacking on Your Christmas Shopping? Check out this Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

If you're like me, coming up with ideas for Christmas gifts can be a challenge, especially when it comes...
16 min read
fashion - Nov 22, 2019

Mastering Modern Men's Fashion

Why Fashion Matters especially for guys For a long time, the most common trope about guys and fashion is...
16 min read
Wellness - Nov 19, 2019

Wellness 101: Everything You Need to Know About Men's Fitness and Wellbeing

This long read is your gateway to physical wellness. All guys, regardless of body shape, income, or...
8 min read
Self-Improvement - Nov 18, 2019

Nobody Cares About Your Six Pack or the Bugatti you Rented: What Brands Get Wrong About Today's Young Men

As soon as I started freelancing and social media's algorithms picked up on it, I started seeing a very...
6 min read
Men's Journal - Nov 9, 2019

5 Easy Ways You Can Support Your Friends' Personal Goals

How many times have you heard someone advise you of the old cliche "it's not what you know, but who you...
17 min read
underwear - Nov 4, 2019

Men's Underwear: Your Masterclass in Briefs, Boxers, Trunks, Thongs, and more

This long post is your masterclass in men's underwear. Why did we take the time to write so much about...
20 min read
Self-Improvement - Nov 2, 2019

Self-Improvement: How To Improve Any Area of Your Life

This long-read is our master class in what self-improvement looks like. What is Self-Improvement? It may...
6 min read
mental health - Oct 23, 2019

A Suicide Survivor is on an Epic Cycling Journey in Support of Movember

In the UK, the male suicide is the highest rate it’s been in 15 years. It also remains the case that...
podcast - Oct 11, 2019

Quiz: What book-podcast combo do you need in Your Life?

6 min read

5 Ways You Can Support Your Sober Friends

For many adults, maintaining sobriety can be a difficult task. So much of our modern social culture...
3 min read
underwear - Oct 6, 2019

Need to Update Your Underwear Drawer? Check out our Cheapundies Wish List!

Here at BlakeWrites, we love Cheapundies. They're affordable and have a wide variety of styles, colors,...

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