We Stand with Black Lives Matter and the Peaceful Protestors Around the Country. Donate what you can: Black Lives Matter
4 min read
Lifestyle - Oct 10, 2018

Love, Lust, and... Limerence?

Sometimes we are so convinced that we have fallen in love and met the one that it can be a painful shock...
4 min read
Lifestyle - Oct 8, 2018

Why Aren’t More Men Going Vegan?

The number of people switching to a plant-based diet is growing rapidly. But there is still a gender...
10 min read
Lifestyle - Oct 3, 2018

6 Underrated Video Games You Need to Play Before 2018 Ends

Just because a game doesn't have a multi-million dollar marketing campaign behind it doesn't mean it's not...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Oct 1, 2018

5 Best Products for Preventing Razor Bumps

If there’s one aspect of being a man that we all hate, it’s razor bumps - those pimply, red and painful...
8 min read
Lifestyle - Sep 19, 2018

An Interview With Music Producer Ben Stancombe

Successful music producer and entrepreneur Ben Stancombe, founder and CEO at AMS Music Group Ltd.,...
2 min read
Lifestyle - Sep 17, 2018

The Divine Masculine Tarot Deck by St. Jinx [product review]

In recent years the world has seen a resurgence of Pagan traditions. Wiccans, Druids, spiritualists, and...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Sep 14, 2018

The Struggles of Being a Highly Sensitive Man

Around 15-20% of people in the general population meet the criteria for high sensitivity. It’s a...
7 min read
Lifestyle - Sep 12, 2018

Top Five Underrated TV Shows With Great Representation

We all love to binge a great series but the downside is that as soon as it’s over we’re left desperately...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Sep 5, 2018

The Relationship Between Job Loss and Masculinity

Job loss is never easy for anyone. It’s an extremely stressful life event that can make you think that the...
9 min read
Lifestyle - Sep 3, 2018

5 Black Authors You Need to Be Reading

There’s a romanticized ideal that somehow the publishing world is above concepts of institutional...
4 min read
redefining masculinity - Aug 20, 2018

The Venomous Bite of Toxic Masculinity

There was a moment I realized that toxic masculinity couldn’t be gendered, stereotyped, or even clearly...
1 min read
fashion - Aug 11, 2018

What Underwear Should You Wear (Quiz)

Here's the thing– most of us wear underwear. And if you're not wearing any, then good for you. But also,...
3 min read
Lifestyle - Aug 8, 2018

How Men Deal with Depression Differently to Women

The Male Experience of Depression Depression doesn’t discriminate based on gender. It affects both men and...
1 min read
Lifestyle - Aug 3, 2018

Do You Know Gay Slang [Quiz]

Serving looks, stunting pretty, this is the quiz from BlakeWrites (it almost works).
3 min read
Lifestyle - Aug 1, 2018

The Male Experience of Self-Harm

There is a lot of stigma surrounding self-harm. This is no doubt due to the fact that it is poorly...
2 min read
redefining masculinity - Jul 27, 2018

Why the Masculine Ideal of Self-Reliance is Flawed

Psychologists have pinpointed 11 masculine norms that act as standards or rules for socially acceptable...

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