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2 min read
redefining masculinity - Jan 16, 2020

Feats of Manliness: Skills Every Man Needs

In the media, you hear a lot about the negative aspects of masculinity, framed as toxic masculinity. This...
5 min read
redefining masculinity - Feb 22, 2019

Three Men Redefining What It Means To Be a Man

When we talk about broad concepts like "redefining masculinity," we aren't referring to some grand action...
2 min read
redefining masculinity - Feb 14, 2019

FAQs of Toxic Masculinity

You’re hearing it everywhere. It’s filling up your social media feeds and being used in razor commercials;...
6 min read
redefining masculinity - Jan 16, 2019

Tyson Fury: Winning the Fight of His Life

Tyson Fury (otherwise known as the ‘Gypsy King’) is a British professional boxer who recently returned to...
6 min read
redefining masculinity - Dec 21, 2018

How Being Short as a Man Can Affect Your Self-Esteem – and What You Can Do About It

If you’re a man suffering low self-esteem, your body image may be a contributing factor. This certainly...
4 min read
redefining masculinity - Aug 20, 2018

The Venomous Bite of Toxic Masculinity

There was a moment I realized that toxic masculinity couldn’t be gendered, stereotyped, or even clearly...
2 min read
redefining masculinity - Jul 27, 2018

Why the Masculine Ideal of Self-Reliance is Flawed

Psychologists have pinpointed 11 masculine norms that act as standards or rules for socially acceptable...
7 min read
redefining masculinity - May 30, 2018

Masculinity and the Culture of Violence

**Heads up: this article contains discussion of domestic violence and violence against trans people.**
5 min read
redefining masculinity - Mar 7, 2018

Actor Justin Baldoni is Breaking the Barriers of Masculinity

Justin Baldoni is an American actor, director, and filmmaker. He is perhaps best known for his role as...
2 min read
redefining masculinity - Jan 10, 2018

The Decline of Macho Masculinity (And why that's a good thing)

Being ‘macho’ has long been part and parcel of what it means to be a man in modern society. This masculine...

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