We Stand with Black Lives Matter and the Peaceful Protestors Around the Country. 

Donate what you can: Black Lives Matter

12 min read
Self-Improvement - Apr 7, 2020

The No-BS Guide to Journaling

I consider myself a hippie at heart but even I get burnt out on seeing journaling touted as some sort of...
4 min read
Self-Improvement - Mar 10, 2020

If You’re a Procrastinator, You Should Listen to These TED Talks

Don’t feel guilty about being a procrastinator; it’s something we all struggle with, to varying degrees....
5 min read
Self-Actualization - Jan 28, 2020

Are you an NPC or the Hero?

I love video games. I'm particularly fond of open-world role-playing games that let you take a decent...
3 min read
Self-Improvement - Jan 21, 2020

If You've Ever Said You Don’t Know What You Want to Do in Life, Read This.

Sometimes men get this nebulous feeling that they have no direction in life. A lot of men are unsure of...
4 min read
Self-Improvement - Jan 9, 2020

Why Am I So Distracted All the Time?

Distraction. It’s something we all struggle with. Many of us also find that we are chronically distracted...

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