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2022 Men’s Fashion Trends To Spruce Up Your Style

2022 Men’s Fashion Trends To Spruce Up Your Style

Staying fashionable is difficult because trends constantly go in and out of style. Older pieces are making resurgences, and everyone is trying to create the next fashion wave. It can be challenging to learn how to be fashionable but even more so to actually find the right pieces and accessorize with them. Here are some 2022 men’s fashion trends to spruce up your style.

Fuzzy Sweaters

Sweaters, specifically fuzzy ones, have been making a comeback. While it is summer now, many events and buildings crank up the AC, making it chilly inside. A great way to combat this cold while still looking fashionable is with a cozy sweater. Sweaters are great for going out with your friends or staying inside for the evening. There are also endless varieties of patterns, materials, and styles for you to choose from to coordinate with your whole outfit and look stylish.

Plus, sweaters don't have to be restricted to Fall and Winter looks. Layering a sweater with shorts is perfectly acceptable, especially if you're going to be transitioning from indoors to outside throughout the day. 


Image from The Modern Gentleman on Tumblr


Men have been wearing boots for years. Boots have great utility in the work field, but they also have been a great statement piece that many have experimented with for years. Of course, some men opt for designer Chelsea boots and Dr. Martens, but cowboy boots have also been coming back in style. There are many kinds of cowboy boots, so you can wear them for any occasion and style them with the rest of your outfit.

As someone who is both a Kentuckian and Tejano, I'm biased in saying that cowboy boots are on the rise. But, it's not just in Southern and rural communities. Cowboy boots are on the rise as staple footwear for men on the music festival circuit and even in the digital nomad scenes for their range of styles and boho appeal. 

Dad Jeans

Skinny jeans have been out of trend for a while, but nothing has fully emerged to take their place. Different pants and shorts trends have come up, such as short-shorts and corduroy pants, but it’s clear now that you need dad jeans to be fashionable in 2022. These jeans have a looser fit, so you will need to plan accordingly, but you will love how they look in your fashionable ensemble.

We're not recommending going full-blown JNCO Jeans (remember those monstrosities?), but if you're accustomed to skinny jeans, try out a pair of straight leg or relaxed fit jeans and see how you feel in those. 

These 2022 men’s fashion trends to spruce up your style are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more fashion trends right now, but these ones seem like they will stay around for a while. Pick any of these trends to coordinate with your outfit, and you will be stylish for the rest of the year and then some.


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