5 Weird Sports You Have Never Heard of Before

5 Weird Sports You Have Never Heard of Before

Staying active is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be tricky when you can’t find an exhilarating activity that motivates you. If the usual sports options aren’t doing it for you, here are five weird sports to try that you’ve likely never heard of before.


Similar to hockey or lacrosse, floorball involves passing a ball around with floorball sticks. Floorball sticks look like hockey sticks, but they are suitable for use on a regular athletic court rather than ice.

Teams consist of five players and a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper prevents the opposing team from scoring while the other players attempt to score in the opposition’s goal.

Chess Boxing

You need brains and brawn to do well in chess boxing. If regular chess tournaments aren’t exciting enough for you, chess boxing should do the trick.

Competitors alternate between rounds of boxing and blitz chess; a checkmate or knockout determines the winner.

Swamp Soccer

Rather than playing on an idyllic green field, swamp soccer occurs in a muddy pit. Imagine playing a game with your friends after a thunderstorm! Swamp soccer takes the already-rough game of soccer and makes it even wilder.

We bet it feels great to hit the showers after a match of this game!


Mix hockey with swimming, and you’ve got octopush. Some people also refer to this sport as underwater hockey. Two teams compete to push a puck along the bottom of a swimming pool and into the opposing team’s goal.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, the players must hold their breath while underwater rather than using any kind of underwater breathing equipment.

Professional Cornhole

Cornhole isn’t just for tailgating and backyard barbeques anymore. Professional cornhole is growing in popularity, gaining its own leagues and fans. Before diving into this casual sport, stock up on the gear every cornhole player should have.

You may not have heard of these five weird sports before, but one of them might just be your new favorite. If you’re looking for something new, give one of these a try!


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