Are You Man Enough for Leggings?


Here’s the thing: I used to be a leggings skeptic.

Perhaps that’s putting it too lightly. In fact, I thought leggings, especially for guys, were just dumb. In my less wise days, I considered leggings to be a lazy alternative to sweats, which were just a lazy alternative to jeans.

Oh boy. Was I ever wrong!

As it turns out… leggings for men, or meggings, may just be the greatest thing to have happened in men’s fashion for quite a while. Here’s why.


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Cycling, Yoga, and Climbing Will Never be the Same

My first step toward becoming a believer in meggings was a yoga class on a particularly cold morning. With the temperature below freezing, I knew that my normal gym shorts and t-shirt combo just wasn’t going to cut it. So, I shimmied into a pair of cold weather running tights.

Running tights are great… for running. For yoga? They’re passable, but ultimately pretty disappointing.

When squatting, stretching, and moving through yoga sequences, running tights can be pretty unforgiving. They work well for preventing chafing and keeping you warm while running, but other movements invoke the unfortunate side effect of having seams digging into places and pushing things apart that are best left alone. As a result, trying to make sneaky adjustments became a routine, albeit embarrassing, part of my yoga classes.

On top of that, if you’re wearing cold weather tights, they’re going to trap in heat. While that can be comfortable during the winter months, when you’re practicing yoga, it’s not always the best. My running tights made my feet sweat so much that I could barely hold downward dog. As soon as I shifted my weight back, my feet would slide off the mat, and the teacher would instruct me to improve my form.

Not wanting to deal with the frustration of running tights or the discomfort of wearing shorts in winter, I sought out a happy medium.

My search for balance, as you can probably guess at this point, led me to the land of meggings.


Meggings tend to be more forgiving and more breathable than running tights. They’re going to keep you warmer than if you just wore shorts, of course, but they’re way less likely to give you swamp crotch or feet that are too sweaty to handle simple yoga poses.

In general, they’re also made to be softer and move with your body for a wide range of motions. Whether your legs are moving front to back (like when you’re running or cycling) or stretching out to the side (as is often the case while climbing or yoga), you’re way less likely to end up with an uncomfortable stitch digging into your nether region.

How to Wear Meggings

In a nutshell, meggings are appropriate for any occasion that you would wear athleisure. If you’re at the gym, heading to yoga, out for a hike, or just relaxing around the house, go for the meggings. They’re made to be worn while you’re active, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable choice in active wear.

But here’s the cool thing about meggings– you can get away with wearing them on more occasions than workouts.

Don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t wear them everywhere. They won’t cut it for a smart casual dress code or anything more formal. But, with the right pair you can put together a stylish, casual outfit.

kapow_jpegs_14_of_17_900x.jpgPairing a bold pair of meggings with a solid shirt can be a great way to bring a splash of color or texture into your outfits, which is going to be big this year. It’s an easy, comfortable way to quickly put together an outfit that’s fun and trendy.

Since meggings are so form-fitting, keep in mind that confidence is going to be key to pulling them off (err… keeping them on?). They’re going to show the shape of your legs and butt more than something like a pair of jeans, and while they’re made to prevent VPL (visible penis line), if you’re particularly well endowed you may run into some moose knuckle situations. Never fear though. Rocking bold, form-fitting clothing without blushing or trying to hide yourself is going to send a message of confidence, which is always attractive.

Are You Bold Enough?

If you want to be comfortable for any workout and get in on the meggings action, I recommend checking out Kapow Meggings. When it comes to quality and having a variety of options, Kapow is hard to beat. I’m currently obsessed with their Electric Graffiti style, so feel free to join me in rocking them in the yoga studio and rock climbing gym this year.

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Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I got the affiliate marketing links because I frickin' love these leggings. I'm wearing them as I'm writing this.


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