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Need to Update Your Underwear Drawer? Check out our Cheapundies Wish List!

Man in cotton boxers playing a ukelele

Here at BlakeWrites, we love Cheapundies. They're affordable and have a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics to offer. As Summer comes to a close and we move into the colder months, the weather may be cooling off but your underwear selection can stay hot with these picks from our Cheapundies wish list.


Cheapundies brand Blue/Grey Striped Brief

You cannot go wrong with a basic brief, and these blue and grey striped ones by Cheapundies are ideal as we go into fall. Cheapundies are known for creating soft, comfortable undies that you can wear every day, and at $8.99 you could absolutely stock up with several pairs of these. What we love about these briefs is that they're subtle enough that you're not going to look like a go-go dancer when you don't want to and will give the impression that you have a bit of maturity; at the same time, you'll be able to integrate a bit of color and pattern into your underwear drawer.

Find these briefs here.

Berry London White/Red/Navy Sporty Mesh Trunk

Trunks are going to work well for you regardless of your body type. For guys with longer legs, trunks can be a great way to accentuate your quads and glutes. For guys with shorter legs, trunks can give you solid coverage without chopping your legs off and making them look even shorter. We particularly like these trunks since they're sleek and subtle, reserving their splash of color for the waistband. These are definitely the kind of undies you'd want to wear for a date or other activity in which you'd want to feel a bit more refined or formal.

Find these trunks here.

Bamboo Black/Beige Spotted Printed Boxer Brief

Normally, I don't prefer boxer briefs. I'm a long-legged fellow and I feel like boxer briefs typically have too much coverage. That being said, as the weather is getting colder, having a bit more coverage can be ideal, especially if you're just lounging about the house in your underwear. What I love about these is that they manage to evoke a sense of sexuality and sultriness while still being full coverage– I hate it when brands try to hard to be sexy with straps and see-through bits. These accentuate the goods by incorporating a classy geometric pattern offset by color-blocked black spaces rather than having arrows or colors that scream "hey, look at my dick!".

Find these boxer briefs here.

Wood Liquid Camo Classic Brief

Normally, I hate camouflage patterns. Perhaps it's a byproduct of growing up in Kentucky, where camo prints just look like bullies and chewing tobacco. Regardless, there's something about these briefs that I absolutely love. The pattern (as hinted at by its name) has a water-like look to it, but it utilizes a classic camo color palette. The result is a brief that's very masculine but very stylish, which makes them perfect for everything from flirty situations to going to the gym.

Find these briefs here.

Marco Marco Pink Core Trunk

Marco Marco is one of those brands that you see all over Instagram and in drag queen fashion shows but are never able to find out in the wild. For many of us, it seemed for so long like only West Hollywood offered the opportunities to purchase a pair of these acclaimed trunks. Thanks to Cheapundies, though, that's not the case any more.

Find these trunks here.

So there you have it! These are the undies we can't wait to wear this fall. What about you? What do you want to add to your clothing selection before the year is out?


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