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Realistic Ways to Make More Money

There is no shortage of ways to make more money, but some are more profitable than others. Here are some ways you can start earning a few extra dollars.

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Sam Woolfe

Sam Woolfe

I'm a freelance writer who is interested in mindfulness, mental health and the evolving concept of masculinity.

Multi-level marketing companies (MLMs), get-rich-quick schemes, and pyramid schemes exist everywhere. While these may offer the allure of gaining lots of money very quickly, for many people, they often result in great financial losses. In times of desperation (or greed), these kinds of schemes can be highly attractive; but it’s important to resist them, as they carry a number of risks.

Attention and energy should, instead, be funneled into more realistic ways of making money, which is what this article will focus on. There are many ways to make more money that don’t involve potentially putting yourself in loads of debt.

Sell Your Stuff

Okay, by this I don’t mean sell all your stuff but to sell everything you don’t need. As much as you might take for granted all the stuff you own and collect as things you need, a lot of it is – in fact – useless. This is what the philosophy of minimalism aims to get people to realize. Minimalists try to eliminate all unnecessary clutter from their lives so that they can live a simpler lifestyle. The main benefit of such a lifestyle is that it encourages frugality while at the same time keeping the things that are essential to truly matter to you. So you can be as happy – or maybe even happier, as many minimalists argue – with less.

Most of us aren’t minimalists, however. If you’re not a minimalist, then, the good news is that you can probably find all kinds of things you don’t use or need that you can potentially sell: clothing, books, furniture, collectibles, knick-knacks, jewelry, equipment. Many people who drive also realize that their car isn’t necessary and end up selling it, which can mean a significant cash injection.

Make Money Online

If you’re working full-time, then the idea of taking on more work to make money may sound exhausting. But you don’t have to take on an entirely new job to hit financial goals or make an extra side income. There are ways you can make money online that, while they might some initial effort and time, can result in money-making opportunities in the future that require relatively little effort and time.

One way to make more money is through owning and maintaining a website or blog. If you already have a website or blog that is garnering a sizable portion of traffic each month, then you’re in a great position to make money from it. If you have no website or blog and no clue about how to set one up, don’t worry, setting up a website with WordPress is easy.

I would recommend that, if you don’t have a blog and want to set one up, do so with the primary intention of creating content that matters to you, with the secondary intention of making money from it. This is because a successful blog will depend on you caring about it and wanting to provide valuable content to your readers. Once you start attracting visitors based on this, you will then find yourself in a position to make some money. Options for making money from a website include:

  • Advertising – By placing ads on your website, such as with Google AdSense or through an advertising agency or through a one-on-one collaboration with a specific company, you can generate revenue whenever someone clicks on the ad or buys the service or product after clicking on the ad. Through advertising, you can make a passive income. Once the ads are up and running, you can make money without having to do anything else.
  • Affiliate links – This is another way of advertising a company on your website. It involves including links to products or services within your content and, if someone makes a purchase from that link, you get a portion of the profit. Affiliate links are another route towards passive income.
  • Sponsored content – If you have a decent stream of organic traffic, high Google search rankings for your content, and a good Domain Authority (DA) score, many businesses will be willing to create original content for your site, with the inclusion of one or more links to their own site or content on their site. Businesses do this because having high-quality websites link to their own helps to boost their own organic traffic, Google rankings, and DA.
  • Link placements – For the reasons just mentioned, companies may be interested in simply placing a link to their website in your existing content. It’s not unusual for many website owners to charge $100+ for a single link placement. In this way, then, you can make decent money in a matter of minutes.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list of ways to make money online. There is also e-commerce, where you sell products online, which you can do either through dropshipping or Amazon FBA, for example, or as an eBay seller. Other people can make a pretty nice side income from their YouTube channel.

Monetize Your Hobbies

It’s obviously everyone’s dream to turn a passion in life into a full-time career. And possibly with time, development, and a certain amount of luck, this can happen. But there’s nothing wrong, in the meantime, with making a side income from your hobbies while holding down a full-time job. Some hobbies that you can potentially monetize include writing (i.e. getting your articles, blog posts, fiction, or poetry published on a site), photography, artwork, illustration and design, making clothing, jewelry making, DIY crafts, music, and comedy. Here are some great tips from Shopify on how to monetize hobbies such as these. 

There is no shortage of ways to make more money. The most effective way to try and supplement your income will be to either pursue a profitable activity that you genuinely enjoy or try to monetize something you do already that you are passionate about. This way, you can find fulfillment in your new money-making venture, rather than see it as this added burden in your life.

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