Athletic Greens vs Organifi | Which Greens Drink is Better?

Athletic Greens Vs Organifi Comparison Chart

A Battle of the Greens

As I've discussed before, I started taking Athletic Greens on a regular basis a few years ago after I interviewed with them for a job that I ultimately didn't get. It has become a cornerstone of my daily routine and it's a product I've stuck with for several years. 

Despite my loyalty to Athletic Greens, I had also heard a lot of good things about Organifi Green Juice. On a personal level, I believe that individual outcomes are more important than brand loyalty, so I left my Athletic Greens in the fridge for a week and gave Organifi a shot. 

In a head-to-head comparison, I understand why Organifi has developed the reputation that it has– it's a green drink that tastes very refreshing! Plus, the cost is slightly below average when comparing to other green superfood supplements. 

In spite of this, Athletic Greens still comes out on top for me. Here's why. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Both Athletic Greens and Organifi Green Juice promise to help you get valuable nutrients and improve your general well-being by filling gaps in your diet. 
  2. Organifi has the better taste of the two, tasting like black tea with mint and sweetener, but may be too sweet for people who are sensitive to stevia-like sweeteners. 
  3. Athletic Greens has better nutritional outcomes. It provides clear, insightful labeling that lets you know exactly what you're getting and it doesn't rely on proprietary blends to hide quantities. 
  4. Organifi is slightly cheaper than Athletic Greens, but you get more of what you pay for with Athletic Greens. 
  5. I started receiving an excess of spam emails after purchasing my Organifi sample, making me think that they sell your contact info or share it with brand partners. 
  6. Athletic Greens is the clear winner in my eyes. 

Taste Comparison Between Organifi and Athletic Greens

I will always be upfront about the fact that drinking Athletic Greens and water straight is a required taste. Athletic Greens has a very earthy flavor profile, with a hint of sweetness and fruit. Some folks who are sensitive to stevia find Athletic Greens to be a bit too sweet, but I don't share that opinion. 

Organifi, on the other hand, tastes wonderful. Its flavor profile is sort of like sweet black tea with a hint of mint and citrus. It's very easy to drink and the flavor did not require getting used to. I could drop it in water, shake, and drink easily. 

If you have a very picky palate or struggle with earthy flavors, Organifi may be a good choice for you. 

But, the taste is only a part of what we look for in nutritional supplements. Beyond flavor, Organifi's lead begins to shrink. 

Nutrient Density of Organifi and Athletic Greens

The main reason for taking a nutritional supplement is, of course, nutrition. 

Organifi provides a decent overview of the core vitamins and minerals it provides on the label, and some of the percentages are pretty good when it comes to getting your daily recommended amount of those vitamins. With trace minerals and supplements, however, we only get insights in the form of a proprietary blend. For me, that's a bit of a red flag since proprietary blends can be used to conceal dosages and artificially inflate a product's value. 

Athletic Greens, on the other hand, provides a very thorough nutritional information label that breaks down each vitamin and mineral it provides alongside what percent daily value you will receive in a single serving. There aren't proprietary blends obscuring what you're getting, and their ingredients list provides clarity on dietary restrictions with which Athletic Greens is most appropriate. 

You simply cover more territory with Athletic Greens' ingredients and nutritional density. If your primary focus for taking a greens supplement is to hedge your bets and fill any gaps that may emerge in your diet, Athletic Greens can do that to a greater extent. 

Price Comparison Between Athletic Greens and Organifi

Neither product is cheap. Organifi is regularly priced at $79.95 and Athletic Greens is regularly priced at $97. Both of those price points represent approximately one month of servings (around 30 servings). 

For green superfood drinks, you can expect to spend anywhere from $70-$85 per month on average. This puts Organifi within the average range and Athletic Greens slightly over the average range. 

In my opinion, the difference isn't large enough to significantly give Organifi the edge. If Organifi were priced around $45-50, I would say that it was the better value for what you were getting. However, because they're both priced higher, I would rather spend slightly more and get more nutrient density for my money. 


I normally don't talk about trust when doing product reviews, but given how things have developed since trying Organifi, I want to touch on it here. 

For starters, I've had a few interactions with Athletic Greens' customer support and product teams. Each time has been pleasant and rewarding, and I know that if I had a problem with receiving my product or was dissatisfied with any changes that were made, I could reach out, be heard, and receive some form of resolution. Best of all, I've never received spam mail from Athletic Greens. Occasionally I get a marketing email with an offer, but that's infrequent enough that it doesn't bother me. 

With Organifi, however, I don't have as much trust. After ordering my trial of the product, I started getting a ton of emails from an entity known as "Vital Health Leader." They went straight to my spam folder, but I was still getting 4-6 per day. They were junk emails describing weight loss products, nutritional hacks, or straight-up pseudoscience. While I cannot prove a direct link between Organifi and these spam emails, I can identify a correlation– the emails did not start until I provided my email to purchase Organifi Green Juice. If they are selling my email or sharing it with marketing partners without me realizing it, that's a huge no-no for me and makes me not want to try their other products. 

In Conclusion

With all of these details in mind, I prefer Athletic Greens over Organifi.

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