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Easy Beginner’s Guide to Plant-Based Diets

Easy Beginner’s Guide to Plant-Based Diets

As more people become health-conscious and focus on clean eating, one of the most popular dietary choices is the plant-based diet. You eliminate meat, eggs, and dairy from your daily meal plan to provide an abundance of nutrients found in plants. While it may seem like a difficult transition at first, making the switch to a plant-based diet can drastically improve your health. This easy beginner’s guide to plant-based diets will give you all the information you need to make the switch.

What Does a Plant-Based Diet Consist Of?

A plant-based diet focuses on eating nutrient-rich foods that are free from animal products. This means eliminating meat, eggs, dairy, and animal byproducts from your daily meal plan.

It involves substituting meat with high-protein legumes, such as beans and peanuts. By using the proper combination of proteins, you can obtain all the nutrients found in meat without having to eat it! You also replace eggs and dairy by eating nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, whole grains (brown rice and quinoa), and healthy fats (such as avocado and olive oil).

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Although it may seem challenging to get all your daily nutrients from plants alone, the positive effects on your health are worth the switch. This easy beginner’s guide to plant-based diets will help you understand the health impact of eating less meat and more plants. Benefits of a plant-based diet may include easier weight management and a reduced risk of heart disease because you cut out a lot of excess sugars, fats, carbs, and more from your diet.

Getting Started: How To Make the Switch

Many people fear not being able to eat out anymore or not knowing what to order when they do. As a general rule of the thumb, plant-based diets focus on unprocessed foods, like vegetables and fruits.

Does that mean you can’t eat cakes or bread ever again? Not necessarily. You can make your own using substitute ingredients, and you’ll be surprised to find numerous companies that sell plant-based food alternatives.

Take Each Day As It Comes

Over time, you will find it easier to incorporate more plants into your diet and make the switch to eating primarily plant-based foods. There are an endless number of delicious recipes out there made up of your favorite things, like avocados, pasta dishes with ragu sauce, pizza without the cheese, and so many more!

Check and Read the Ingredients

As you transition, you’ll find yourself carefully reading labels on your food. This is a good habit to get into because it will help you avoid consuming dairy products.


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