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How Social Support Affects Your Physical Health

Do you have physical goals you’d like to achieve? This could range from losing/gaining weight, gaining muscle, or drinking more water to boost your overall health. Whatever your goals are, consider how social support affects your physical health. Invite others into your life so that you can be the best version of yourself.


There are several different ways to find social accountability to achieve your physical goals.


There are many different online community groups that you can join. If you found a program to follow online, chances are there’s a community of people behind it. Did you download an app for your workouts? If so, investigate and see if there is a message or community board within it. If you see other people invested in their goals, you are more likely to invest in your own. You never know; you may even make new friends through an online accountability platform.


Family and friends are great resources. The chances are that the people in your life care about you, so write down your goals and speak to them about them. Whatever you decide is best for you, make sure you communicate that with them. You may find that social support is the best way to boost your weight loss journey and hold you accountable.

A second resource may be a trainer in a gym. If you sign up with a trainer, they will build you a workout and nutrition plan to follow. The need to report to a trainer about your success and failures may help you make better choices.


Partner accountability and tough love with some encouragement. After you’ve decided who your support group is, decide what kind of encouragement you need from them. Maybe it’s a daily affirmation. Or maybe it’s receiving a ‘like’ on the fitness photo you posted. Whatever you decide, find people who will rally around you and encourage you to keep going.


Have your workouts grown stagnant? Maybe you have been a solo gym-goer and need more support. Check out the classes that your local gym offers. This is a great way to diversify your workout plan and meet like-minded individuals. You will work out new muscle groups in an entertaining way.

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t achieved your goals. Try to evaluate what your current structure is and how it can change. Consider how social support affects your physical health and seek out more social support to finally achieve your physical goals.


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