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Wait... Gay Quizzes in 2022?

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We have a zero-tolerance policy for homophobia. If you have a nasty comment, keep it to yourself and move on. 

Are You Gay, Do You Know Gay Slang, and More!

Several years ago, we originally published a quiz about gay slang as a way to draw attention to contemporary gay slang's roots: black queer people, especially black trans women. 

As it turns out, though, a lot of people found this quiz by searching for quizzes about being gay, gay history, and more. 

So, we wanted to expand what we could offer while it's still pride month! Here's an assortment of gay quizzes to take, enjoy, and share. 

Are You Gay? - Quiz

Got some confusing feelings? Be sure to click through to the end of the quiz to get your answer 👀


Do You Know Gay Slang?

Remember: Gay Slang Didn't Just Spontaneously Appear... it Evolved

Twinks weren't born shouting "yass, hunty" and bears weren't woofing at each other from within their flannels by some genetic urge.

When talking about what we now consider to be gay slang, credit needs to be given to those who created it. Like the vast majority of the progress that has been made within the queer community, the credit for coining most of today's popular gay lingo can be attributed to women of color, especially trans women of color. 

It wasn't Grindr, circuit parties, or Drag Race that laid the ground work for the queer culture that arose across the United States. It was queer BIPOC banding together in houses, attending balls, and marching in protest. 


How'd you do? Let us know in the comments below!


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