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2XIST Speed Dri Trunks Review

2XIST makes a variety of briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs. Their new Speed Dri line embraces their brand's sporty identity while still remaining sexy. Here's what we thought of them.

Blake Reichenbach

Blake Reichenbach

He/ Him/ His pronouns. Blake is a writer, gym addict, dog dad, researcher, and general life enthusiast. He's passionate about helping others reach their goals and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

2XIST has a massive selection of underwear styles available. Across all of their collections, their products showcase sporty styles that combine classic silhouettes with modern colors, prints, and fabrics.

We recently connected with 2XIST to try out some of their new Speed Dri Trunks. Here are our thoughts.

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One of the things that stood out to me about these trunks as I unboxed them was that they're minimalist and understated. The trunks are primarily a pale gray color, but they have vibrant stitching along the waistband. 

The crotch is fully opaque, but the legs and butt are a sheer, tight-knit mesh. When on the body, the mesh areas don't leave much to the imagination. They fit tight against the body and without being too tight in the crotch. I wish I knew of a classier way to say it, but I was very glad to have a pair of athletic-fitting trunks that don't have a seam that digs into my more sensitive region. 

Fitting flush against the body, having sheer portions, and leaving adequate crotch room gives these trunks a very sporty look. I definitely felt like their silhouette was better for the gym or recreational activities than a romantic evening, but I also wouldn't be uncomfortable wearing them for date night. 

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As mentioned above, I was very satisfied with the fact that these trunks don't dig into my taint. Athletic underwear is notorious for being too compressing upfront or for having reinforced seams that can get uncomfortable after wearing them for a while. 

With these 2XIST trunks, that wasn't the case. I think the best testament to their comfort factor is that after I tried them on, I lounged around my house for a while and then decided to go for a jog at the local park. As I was getting ready to go for a jog, I had actually forgotten that I was wearing them– my thought process was "I shouldn't go to the park commando," and it wasn't until I got to my underwear drawer that I realized I was still wearing the 2XIST Speed Dri Trunks. 

The revelation that I could mistake wearing these trunks for going commando confirmed for me that they were supremely comfortable for lounging around the house. However, I was then concerned that this would mean that they wouldn't offer the support or lasting comfort that I like to have while running.

Putting them to the test, I ran about a mile and a half. 

I am pleased to report at the end of my run, they hadn't ridden up my thighs or gotten bunched up in the crotch!

Plus, they lived up to the name of the collection they're in– the Speed Dri trunks dried very quickly and didn't hold onto sweat as I was running. Nobody wants to peel off soggy underwear after a run. With these trunks, you don't have to. 


2XIST tends to price their underwear really reasonably. Because these are an athletic fit of underwear, they are slightly more expensive than a standard pair of trunks or briefs. The retail on the Speed Dri Mesh trunks runs $20 to $30 per pair depending upon the specific style that you select (though they also sometimes list them as low as $10 per pair on their website!). 

On the surface, that may seem to be on the pricier side, but when compared to other athletic-fit undies, that's right at about the median price. Plus, for that price, you're getting an effective pair of exercise trunks that will continue to feel good throughout the entire duration of your workouts and won't require constant readjustment (looking at you, Under Armour). 


Overall, I was super happy with these trunks. They're incredibly comfortable and I loved wearing them to work out. 

For me, the only drawback to them was that they are so sheer on the thighs. I typically prefer my underwear to be fully opaque. If they are sheerer, I want them to be in a color or pattern that compliments my skin tone better than the silvery gray of these particular trunks. 

BUT, that's a matter of personal preference rather than a defect or deficiency of the trunks.  

Ultimately, I'll definitely be adding a few more pairs to my wardrobe, especially if they release options in this line in navy or black.

Update, August 2020: I originally received these trunks in April. Only four months later and they've already torn a small hole near the crotch. I'm not sure if I caught them on something or if the thin fabric is just particularly frail, but it's majorly disappointing. While I think they're still a great choice for the gym, they're probably not going to earn a top recommendation from me for underwear to wear when you want to feel the most confident

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