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Start From the Bottoms: A Round-Up of the Best Men's Briefs

We don't spend much time thinking about our underwear unless it's uncomfortable. Nothing will bring down your vibes for the day quite like a hard seam in your taint private parts or fabric pinching your thighs. 

The best underwear makes you feel confident and sexy. When under your clothes, great underwear will feel almost like you're wearing no underwear at all while still having the right amount of support. 

Briefs are great for providing support without getting in the way, and they're having a resurgence in popularity. No longer are briefs relegated to the boring territory of grandpa-style tighty whities. Briefs are fashionable and manage to be stylish and attractive without being explicitly sexy. 

If you want an underwear style that shows off your best assets and doesn't restrict your legs or get bunched up under your jeans, try out some briefs. Here are our picks for the best ones you can try.

Best All-Around: Atelier Traditionnel

For a long time, Atelier Traditionnel has been one of my favorite underwear brands but I haven't purchased many pairs from them. 

Atelier Traditionnel makes luxury micromodal underwear for men. I think the best way to describe it is supple. Their underwear feels very silky against your skin, but the fabric is dense, unlike silks or polyester. They're sustainably sourced, handmade, and when you wear them, they feel sleek and cool against your skin. 

A few months ago, I probably would have given them the title of "Best Luxury Underwear" instead of "Best All-Around." But they recently launched their Cloud line of briefs, which sell for $38 per pair. While that is still expensive compared to some other brands, it's significantly cheaper than their usual $70 per pair. 

If you can afford their higher-end pieces, you absolutely should buy some. They are amazing! But the Cloud line is still really fantastic and embodies what makes Atelier Traditionnel so great– clean designs, a focus on comfort and quality, and the kind of underwear that feels great no matter how long you wear it. 

With regular wear and proper care, Atelier Traditionnel briefs could last you several years– they're just made that well. 

handsome man in atelier traditionnel briefs

$38 at Atelier Traditionnel

Briefs for Everyday Wear

Calvin Klein Steel

You can't go wrong with Calvin Klein briefs. They have a distinct aesthetic with the prominently branded waistband, but they aren't loud and flashy like some other brands are (looking at you, Andrew Christian). Fairly comfortable and true to size, Calvins should be a staple in your underwear drawer. They're appropriate for casual daily wear or date night.

With regular wear and appropriate maintenance, Calvin Klein briefs will typically last you one to two years. While Calvin Klein does have higher-end offerings, a standard pair will typically cost less than $20 per pair.

$16.55 at Amazon

Obviously... it's Obviously Apparel

Obviously is a relative newcomer, but they've managed to make a splash. Their briefs are just on the practical side of sexy. Most of their lines are made from rayon and lycra, which means that they are very formfitting and sexy while still being soft and silky to the touch. They can work for daily wear or date night, and since they are made from synthetic fibers, they wick moisture pretty well. If you live in a humid climate or are a heavy sweater, that's a great asset to have on your assets. 

$20+ at Amazon

Savage X Fenty

Rhianna may not be in the studio cranking out musical hits right now, but her apparel line, Savage X Fenty, is definitely a hit. 

Savage X Fenty has blown up in recent years, as has the broader Fenty brand, for its inclusivity in representing a wide array of body types and complexions, and for being incredibly stylish. Savage X Fenty briefs are effortlessly stylish and still fairly comfortable. I haven't owned a pair long enough to know what their lifespan is like, but they seem to be made well and from pretty high quality materials, so I don't anticipate them breaking down or tearing easily. 

savage x fenty briefs

$16.95 at Amazon

Underrated Men's Briefs Brands

CheapUndies Luxe Briefs

CheapUndies makes, as the name suggests, cheap underwear. In addition to selling overstock and back catalogs for other underwear brands, they also have their own line of undies. The Luxe Briefs are fantastic. They're incredibly comfortable and only cost about $10 per pair. That's a steal. 

CheapUndies tends to run true to size and doesn't generally shrink in the wash. With regular wear and proper care, they'll last about six months to one year. 

CheapUndies Briefs Cropped

$9.99 at CheapUndies

Underjeans- Royal

Underjeans is a brand I've fallen in love with in recent years. I really like their aesthetic and their products are really durable. Underjeans briefs tend to have a sporty look. They do run a little tight (though it may just be that I have a large ass, which is true too) and aren't as stretchy as brands that use a higher poly or elastane percentage in their fabric blends. Because they run a little slim, if you do have thick thighs or larger posterior, you may want to size up from what you would normally wear. 

With regular wear and proper care,  a pair of Underjeans will easily last you one to two years. 

Underjeans briefs

$18 at Underjeans


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