We Put Swolverine's Greens + Reds to the Test. Here's What We Think

Swolverine Greens and Reds Review

Superfood drink blends are rocketing in popularity. They're a great way to get a broad spectrum of nutrients and digestive enzymes conveniently. From nutrient intake to gut health, they have a variety of benefits. 

But not all superfoods supplements are made the same. 

In the past, we've recommended other greens drinks, such as Athletic Greens, as cornerstones of a well-rounded diet. However, I recently tried Swolverine's Greens+Reds supplement and was quite impressed. 

In this review, I'll break down what I like about this supplement, what its drawbacks are, and let you know whether or not I recommend it. 

How Does Swolverine's Greens & Reds Drink Taste?

Currently, Swolverine's Greens & Reds drink only comes in the flavor "natural orange." 

If you're reading that and anticipating something sickly sweet like orange-flavored candy or sports drinks, you'd be wrong. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of the drink. Overall, the flavor is quite subtle and slightly sweet. 

The flavor is comparable to a sweetened citrus tea, and almost has a hint of mintiness to it (which I suspect comes from the chlorella in it). 

As far as green drinks and superfood drinks are concerned, this is one of my favorite flavors so far.  Rather than having to just chug it quickly or brace for impact, once I mix it up, I don't mind drinking the glass over the course of my lunch break or while I'm getting ready in the morning. 

How Easily Does Swolverine's Greens & Reds Supplement Mix With Water?

A common pain point with superfood drinks is that they can be quite gritty to drink. A lot of the ingredients in these supplements are either insoluble or only dissolve with concerted effort. 

On that front, I would say that Swolverine's Greens & Reds is on par with other supplements, such as Organifi, and perhaps a little bit better than supplements like Athletic Greens or Amazing Grass. 

If you drop a scoop into a cup of cold water and only shake or stir for a few seconds, you're still going to have some chunks and have to contend with clumping at the bottom of the glass. 

I've found that using a Blender Bottle or similar is best for getting everything distributed and avoiding unappetizing chunks. If you do prefer to stir with a spoon, it definitely still dissolves well enough to do so– I would just recommend letting it settle after the first few seconds of stirring and then stirring for a few more seconds.

How Nutritious is Swolverine's Greens & Reds mix?

One of the things I love about the Greens & Reds blend is that you can see the full nutritional label right on their website (shown below), and on that label, you see something incredibly rare for supplement companies.

... are you ready for it?

The Greens & Reds supplement does not contain any proprietary blends!

Swolverine Nutrients

To get you up to speed on why that's a big deal: proprietary blends are often a way to disguise how much you're actually getting of specific supplements, or they're used to mask the quality of the ingredients that you're getting. There are a few brands, like AminoCo, that are really transparent about their blends and can back them up with research, but that's not the norm. 

The fact that Swolverine does not use proprietary blends in this supplement makes me quite happy. 

Aside from the lack of proprietary blends, I'd say that across the board the nutritional value in this is pretty decent. The vitamins and trace minerals it includes are vital for overall health and can be tricky to get unless you have an incredibly well-rounded diet. 

Notably, most of these nutrients are included at percent daily values under 100%, meaning that you can't rely upon this supplement for the entirety of the well-roundedness of your diet. It also omits a few key nutrients I would love to see, such as Vitamins D and K (though both D and K are both fat-soluble vitamins, so I don't know how stable they'd be in a powder form anyway). 

Despite this, what is included is quite good, and it should be assumed that you're treating supplements as a boost to your nutritional intake and not your only source of dietary well-roundedness. 

Plus, where I feel like the Greens & Reds supplement really shines is in its inclusion of various greens and other plant-based elements. Wheatgrass, chlorella, and spirulina are all nutrient-dense greens that are high in vitamins and antioxidants, and can help function as prebiotics. 

Similarly, beets, chia seeds, and tumeric have been associated with improving athletic performance, improving heart health, and reducing inflammation respectively. 

I'm less familiar with bilberry fruit and the benefits of blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, and black pepper extract, but in this blend, I anticipate that they lend flavor and added antioxidants– as fruits and berries generally due- and likely also contribute to overall digestive health. Some precursory searching also suggests that, while still understudied, there may be some research to suggest that bilberry can also contribute to reducing inflammation and improving cardiovascular endurance. 

How Much Does Swolverine's Greens & Reds Cost? 

Here's the kicker. This supplement only cost $49.99, but you can also save 15% if you set up a recurring order as opposed to ordering it as a one-off. 

That is amazing. For comparison, my previously-highest rated greens supplement, Athletic Greens, comes in at a whopping $117 (plus shipping and handling) per 30-days. For that price, you could double-up on scoops of Swolverine and still have a few dollars left over. 

To me, this makes Swolverine very attractive. I eat a well-rounded diet and use supplements like this as a way of filling nutritional gaps and helping out my gut health. I'm also quite frugal and don't like unnecessary or grand expenses. Comitting what is essentially $50 per month to a supplement as opposed to nearly $120 is much more sustainable and doesn't make me regret reaching for my credit card. 

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a Greens (or Reds!) supplement, I highly recommend giving Swolverine's a try. I have been incredibly happy with the flavor and quality of the product, and for what you're getting, you can't beat that price! 

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Plus, the people at Swolverine with whom I've interacted have all been fantastic. Before I invest in a product and recommend it to my readers, I like to know more about the business I'm endorsing. I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending a product if I didn't think the people behind it were trustworthy, and the gang at Swolverine has definitely earned a thumbs-up from me. 

I'll definitely be trying out more of their products in the near future and will report back with new reviews once I try those. As far as superfood supplements are concerned though, this one is definitely worth a try! 


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