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My Thoughts on Tiege Hanley Skincare

There are a lot of jokes about men not knowing how to take care of their skin. The 3-in-1 face wash, body wash, shampoo trope is funny– but it also reflects the frustrating fact that most men never learn how to take care of their skin or have many options for products that help. 

Growing up, I thought "skincare" amounted to washing my face in the morning and at night with a drugstore-brand benzoyl peroxide cleanser. All I really got from that was dry skin and bleached shirt collars. 

As an adult– and recognizing that as a white person, having skin that naturally ages gracefully is unlikely– I've made a point to take care of my skin. It doesn't take a genius to know that having moisturized skin and preventing skin cancer is ideal. 

In my efforts to follow an ideal skincare routine, I decided to give Tiege Hanley a try. I wanted to see if they live up to their motto: "Uncomplicated skin care for men."

Here's what I thought.

Tiege Hanley Skincare Review


The specific product I tried was the Level 3 skincare system

This combination includes:

  • A daily face wash
  • An exfoliating scrub
  • A morning moisturizer
  • An evening moisturizer
  • Eye cream
  • A toning and tightening serum

While that sounds like a lot, it's fairly intuitive. You use the daily face wash morning and night, just like you would any other face wash. A couple of times per week, you use the exfoliating scrub. Apply the serum after you've dried your face, and then put the morning or nighttime moisturizer over it depending on what time it is. 

If you don't have any kind of skincare routine already, it can be a lot to get used to, but overall, it's pretty intuitive. 

Pros- What I Like About the Tiege Hanley Level 3 Skincare System

Overall, there's a lot to like about this product. The cleanser and moisturizers all have a fairly neutral scent, which I really like. I don't want cleansers that are going to compete with my deodorant or cologne. The cleansers and moisturizers have a faint floral scent (likely from the lavender and rosemary oils in the ingredients), but it's not overpowering and dissipates quickly– I don't feel like it clings to my skin at all. 

On top of that, the AM moisturizer has an SPF of 20. That is amazing. Applying a daily SPF to your face is one of the most important things you can do to prevent premature aging, skin cancer, and wrinkles. A lot of facial moisturizers have some SPF factor, but they're often lower– in the range of 5 to 15. While that's better than nothing, 20-50 is ideal, so I was very glad to see the SPF of 20 on the AM moisturizer. 

Speaking of the moisturizer, I also think it's helpful that there is both an AM and a PM moisturizer. At first, I worried that having two separate moisturizers would complicate things unnecessarily. Overall, though, I think this works well since you can use the SPF moisturizer for daytime,  and then the slightly creamier PM moisturizer before bed to help lock in moisture while you sleep. 

I definitely feel like the cleanser and exfoliant do their jobs well. I haven't had any breakouts since I've been using Tiege Hanley regularly, and neither leaves any kind of residue on my skin after rinsing. The moisturizers don't make my face too shiny, either, but manage to moisturize well. 

Cons– What Could Have Been Better About the Tiege Hanley Level 3 Skincare System

Overall, I really liked this product, so it's hard to pinpoint specific cons. However, no product is perfect, and I do think there are a few things about the system that could have been better. 

Mainly, I would love to see the eye cream and the serum be a bit thicker. The serum is fairly runny, which isn't always a bad thing with serums. They're meant to be spread over your skin and absorb quickly. However, for an anti-aging serum, I do want something that feels a bit more substantial when I apply it (again... my skin is very white... we age notoriously poorly, so I need all the help I can get!). The same is true for the undereye cream. Your eyes are almost constantly moving, squinting, and straining. Diminishing the impact of this constant movement requires a moisturizer that deeply penetrates and rejuvenates the skin, so I really love rich eye creams, and the Tiege Hanley eye cream is a little on the thin side. 

More eco-friendly packaging options would be great, too, and something I'd be open to paying a little more for.

FAQs About Tiege Hanley

How much does Tiege Hanley cost?

The Level 3 system costs $50, and includes each of the components I mentioned above. For me, it's lasted a little over a month, so overall, that $50 goes a long way. 

They also have Tiers 1 and 2, which are a bit cheaper and come with the basic components of the routine, but don't include every step. 

Is Tiege Hanley good for acne-prone skin?

I have semi-acne-prone skin and have done really well with Tiege Hanley. I still get blackheads around my nose, but I've accepted that those will be there no matter what I use. 

It should also be noted that Tiege Hanley also has an acne-specific line. I have not personally used their acne-specific line (yet), so I can't vouch for it in as much detail as I can with the standard line. But, if the acne line is the same quality as the standard line, I'd feel comfortable trying it out. 

Is the Level 3 Routine right for me, or would a different one also work?

In my opinion, you're never too young to start an anti-aging skincare routine, so I do believe that regardless of how smooth and youthful your skin currently is, the Level 3 routine would probably work for you. 

However, the fundamental components of a skincare routine should include a cleanser, an exfoliant, and a moisturizer with SPF. The Level 1 (Essential) set covers all of those bases. 

If you're still unsure, Tiege Hanley does have a handy quiz on their site which will match your skincare goals and needs to their product offerings.