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Tips for Helping Your Partner Through a Tough Time

Tips for Helping Your Partner Through a Tough Time

In every relationship, a couple goes through their fair share of ups and downs. Whether your partner has lost a loved one, struggles with their soul-sucking job, or experiences feelings of sadness but can’t seem to pinpoint the exact reason, offer some cheer. Here are some tips for helping your partner through a tough time.

Be There for Them

If your partner opens up to you about how they are feeling, it is a good sign, as it shows that your relationship has a good communication base. While it can be tempting to get into “fix-it” mode, sometimes, they just need someone to listen to them discuss the difficult things going on in their lives. You can also channel your effort to be supportive in other ways. Try shooting over some sweet texts or picking up some extra chores around the house to lessen the burden on their shoulders.

Plan a Romantic Dinner

When your partner is going through a dark period, don’t let the romantic moments slip by the wayside. Engaging in small, sweet gestures like planning a romantic dinner at home or buying them some flowers can make a world of difference. Regular date nights are also an incredible way for partners to enjoy each other’s company and build emotional intimacy—the glue that holds your relationship together during tough times.

Offer Help Once They’re Ready

Instead of being too pushy, be intentional and let your partner know that you are there to help. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can also be a good idea to receive help from a health care professional. Have a mental health pro’s number on hand, especially if they’re dealing with a serious mental health crisis and are unable to get help for themselves.

Be Their Cheerleader

If someone is going through feelings of failure and discouragement, remind them of their past achievements every now and then. Encouragement can go a long way, especially if the root cause of your partner’s negative feelings is associated with their career or business. Let them know that their efforts matter and that you appreciate them. At the end of the day, having someone special as their biggest cheerleader could be just what they need to cope with less-than-ideal life circumstances.

It’s sad to watch the love of your life go through difficult times. When your partner is feeling down in the dumps, cheer them up in useful and accessible ways. These tips for helping your partner through a tough time will bring you closer together as you lift one another up.


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