Tips for Sleeping Well on Your Next Business Trip

Tips for Sleeping Well on Your Next Business Trip

There’s a lot riding on business trips. You’re there looking for success, but you’re also trying to balance your life away from home. Many men in these scenarios don’t sleep well, which can ultimately affect work performance. If you want to be successful, you should get a good night’s sleep. Follow these tips for sleeping well on your next business trip to achieve that success.

Keep Your Schedule

Even though you’re in a new place, you should do your best to keep your normal schedule. That means eating, exercising, working, and sleeping when your normally would. While your environment is different, your schedule doesn’t have to deviate much, which will help keep your body regulated. If you’re going into a new time zone or are in a new place for a long time, you may have to make schedule changes, but try to do so gradually so your body can adjust. Don’t expect yourself to bounce easily from one timezone or schedule to the next. You need time to adjust, and that’s okay.

Bring Something Familiar

If you always sleep with the same white noise machine or eye mask at home, bring it with you on your travels. You only want to sleep somewhere you feel safe, and having something familiar from home will help you feel safe and sleep in this new place too. For those who can’t bring their familiar items, try making the place you’re staying feel like home. If you always sleep with the curtains closed or at a low temperature, replicate that setting while traveling. This should help your body relax and get you to sleep.

Request Comfortable Accommodations

Frequent travelers know that not all hotels and other kinds of accommodations are created equally. Therefore, you should request corporate housing when traveling. Corporate housing is different from a short-term furnished apartment or an extended-stay hotel. They provide all the expected comforts like a bed, TV, and workstation, but they also provide the little things that make a place feel like home, like towels and dishes. This gives you the comfortable setting you need to settle in for a good night’s sleep.

If corporate housing isn’t an option, or your corporate housing is close to a busy area, request someplace quiet. Even if you live in a busy city and can normally sleep with lots of noise, you may struggle to sleep with unfamiliar sounds, so the quiet setting is best.

Our tips for sleeping well on your next business trip are to try and keep your regular schedule, bring something familiar to make sleep easier, and stay somewhere extra comfortable. While you may not get control over all these aspects of your trip, you can still try to apply these tips and rest easy on your next venture.


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