What a Dirty Car Says About You to Your Dates

What a Dirty Car Says About You to Your Dates

People can be extremely finicky when it comes to dating, and that’s not always something you can help. However, it’s possible to inadvertently sabotage yourself with things like a dirty car interior. Discover what a dirty car says about you to your dates and how to change that message.

You Don’t Notice Messes

There are plenty of reasons for a dirty car interior, but people don’t usually ask before jumping to conclusions. One determination they may make is that you don’t really notice messes anymore, be it in your car or home. If you’re dating someone who prefers things clean and tidy, this can raise a red flag.

Why Don’t They Just Say Something?

If you think a dirty car interior has impacted your social life, you may be wondering why nobody ever pointed it out to you. The problem is that most people don’t feel comfortable with confrontation, especially in new relationships. It’s actually an attempt at kindness—they don’t want to risk hurting your feelings.

You May Have Questionable Personal Hygiene

When people see the vehicle you drive every day is a mess, they might start to wonder what else is a mess. Of course, these assumptions are unfair, but, unfortunately, that’s how many are these days.

You’re Not Concerned With Good Impressions

While obsessing over how to make a good impression on your date isn’t healthy, society expects everyone to care at least a little. The definition of a good impression is highly subjective, but it’s possible your date will take picking them up in a dirty car as a sign that you’ve stopped caring. The next question they’re going to ask themselves is why, and that just leads to more assumptions.

You Avoid Responsibility

Some folks just aren’t compelled to keep everything pristine, and that’s okay. However, your date might take a messy ride to mean something else: that you procrastinate and avoid responsibility. That’s not going to send the best message to someone looking for a relationship.

How To Send a Better Message

Rather than focus on what a dirty car says about you to your dates, think about the message you want to send. Try, “I care about your comfort and want you to have a good experience with me.” To demonstrate this message, give your car a good spring cleaning. Also, consider different ways you can make the other person feel special, including:

  • Having a water bottle in their cupholder;
  • Choosing a nice scent for your car;
  • Preparing a playlist to listen to, or picking a radio station; and
  • Having a blanket ready in cold weather.

We hope these tips help you enjoy your next date. Focusing on caring about the other person is always better than just concerning yourself with appearances.


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