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Thinking about pitching us your SEO/ Web development/ marketing services?

We appreciate the consideration, but please note that we are not interested in hiring anyone for SEO/ Web Development/ marketing services at this time. Our founder is a technical SEO and frontend dev, so such services are handled in-house. We won't respond to this type of solicitation email.

(Please... seriously... stop sending us these pitches. We get dozens each week.) 

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Frequently Asked Quesions

How Does Self-Himprovement Make Money?

Some of the content we publish contains links to products, services, or goods where we may earn a small commission from purchases that you make. Additionally, we also allow ad networks to place ads within some of our content. 

Do you accept guest posts or promoted content?

We do! For guest posts, please see this page. 

If you're a brand looking to sponsor a piece of content, request a product review, or take out an ad, please email admin@howdycuriosity.com 

What is the Relationship Between Self-Himprovement and Howdy LLC?

Self-Himprovement launched in 2018 under a separate brand name. As we grew, our founder wanted to expand what we offered and diversity content without losing what made Self-Himprovement special. 

In Summer 2021, he created Howdy LLC as a proprietary company that owns Self-Himprovement, Howdy Curiosity, and Blake Reichenbach consulting

What Credentials Does Self-Himprovement Have in Wellness and Fitness?

Our founder is a long-term gym rat and yoga enthusiast. As of June 2021, he is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

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