Do You Want to Get Your Brand In Front of Our Readers?

Our Readers Love Products that Empower Them In Their Fitness Journey

And so we love to share great products with them. 

Do you have a product that fits the bill? Be in touch and let us know. 


We're Looking for Brands We Can Build a Relationship With

Our readers love learning about trustworthy, high-quality brands. We're particularly interested in partnering with brands in the following categories:

  • High-quality, Research-backed Supplements
  • Men's Athleticwear 
  • Fitness Tech and Wearables
  • Fitness Equipment and Accessories
  • Men's Style and Grooming Products

If your business is in this category, we want to grow alongside you. We're excited to explore ways to review products, relay information about product launches, collaborate on cross-promotion content, and more. 

Swolverine Greens and Reds

A History of Successful Brand Partnerships

Each month, we drive about $7,000 in sales to our partner brands. 

Over the years, we've had great success with brands like:

  • Swolverine
  • StitchFix
  • Viome
  • Tiege Hanley Skincare

and more!

What We Can Offer

Social Media Giveaway and Promotion

Social Media Giveaway

Let's Both Grow Our Audience Reach

Growing our rebranded Instagram account from scratch is one of our strategic priorities. To do this, we are looking to partner with brands that are aligned with our values to do giveaways. The brand provides the product for the giveaway (minimum value $60 USD), and we make and promote a post to drive people to our account and yours, requiring them to follow both accounts to be eligible to win. 

Full-Length Product Review

Full-Length Review

Get Your Product In Front of Our Readers and Email Subscribers

Every month, tens of thousands of readers come to our site to read our product reviews and functional fitness content. For a full-length review, we require a sample product be sent to us for testing and evaluation. 

In exchange, we'll test the product and write a full-length review, which is shared on our blog, social media, and newsletter subscription. 

Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate Partnership

Become a Full-Fledged Brand Partner

With an Affiliate Partnership, we follow the same process that we would for a Full-Length Review.

The added bonus of an affiliate partnership is that we will include your products in product round-ups, subsequent newsletters, and other promotional materials since we earn income when you make sales. 

We Can Also Discuss Cross-Promotion?

If your website has a blog and you're interested in building your backlink profile, let's talk about that as well. We are always happy to build relationships with respectable fitness and wellness publications through content swaps, cross-promotion, and providing expert quotes from a certified personal trainer.