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Blake Reichenbach - Dec 4, 2019

Want to see my Junk? (Underwear Review of the brand Junk Underjeans... get your mind out of the gutter)

A few weeks back, I was on one of my favorite websites, CheapUndies, to do a bit of shopping and to replace some of my older pieces of clothing. While browsing for brands in my size, I came across a pair by Junk, which was a brand I had not encountered before.

They were listed at a great price and I really liked the pattern, so I added them to my cart along with a couple of other pairs and checked out.

So, how did this impulse buy of an underwear brand I knew nothing about turn out?


Style- 5 out of 5

I rarely give brands a score of 5 out of 5, but I had to with these. The geometric pattern across the fabric is striking and fun without being over-designed. The stitching around the crotch carries into the waistband as the same primary color, and the waistband features a conflicting pattern that adds more visual interest to the underwear.

The black fabric with bold color accents just work well together. The result is a pair of underwear that could easily come across as fun, sexy, or sporty. They're as fun to look at as they are to wear. Coming in a standard trunk length, they're perfect for guys who want to show leg as much as they are for guys who want to dress more modestly.

Comfort- 3.8 out of 5

My Junk underwear is incredibly comfortable and feels to be pretty well made. The stitching and tags are all flush, which is always a big bonus with underwear, and they're machine washable.

The main drawback with them is that they're a polyester/elastane blend. Being a blend of these two fabrics, they have a similar tactile experience to compression shorts that one might wear to the gym. Don't get me wrong– they're soft and smooth and wear well under a variety of pant types. But, with this type of high elasticity, synthetic fabric, heat is going to be trapped and you may find yourself feeling a bit too restricted where it counts if you go from sitting to standing several times.

If these were a modal/elastane blend or perhaps even a poly/cotton base, I think these would be pushing the 4.5 or 5 mark for its score. As it is, the athletic shorts feel of them holds them back from being fully successful.

Quality for the Cost- 4 out of 5

At retail, Junk Underjeans are going to be priced around the $20-$25 range. Honestly, as happy as I have been with my Junk, I think that is absolutely a fair price for them and wouldn't be afraid to pay it for a new pair.

However, if you can find them on a website like CheapUndies like I did and buy them below retail, jump on the opportunity. I absolutely love these trunks. They're quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs to wear on account of style and comfort alone, and knowing that I got them at a bargain price just makes them feel even better against my junk. If you're looking for some Junk on junk action, give them a shot. You can find the full Junk Underjeans shop here.

Written by Blake Reichenbach

He/ Him/ His pronouns. Blake is a writer, gym addict, dog dad, researcher, and general life enthusiast. He's passionate about helping others reach their goals and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

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