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Medical Disclaimer

TL;DR- Always talk to your doctor about health concerns, appropriate exercise regimens, and dietary needs.

Here at Self-Himprovement, we take great strides to ensure that the health and wellness information we share is backed by up-to-date research and sport science best practices.  However, there are two key principles in sport science that always have to be taken into consideration. We'll paraphrase, but, in essence, they are: 

  1. The Law of Individual Differences. Everybody's body is going to have its unique characteristics and needs, which may make it so that the best practices for you differ from the best practices for someone else, especially when it comes to building muscle, getting your nutritional needs met, or losing weight. 
  2. If you're not a doctor, don't pretend to be one. It's intellectually dishonest to assume that a few days of research can compare to a medical professional's years of study. Plus, your doctor is going to know your medical history, medications, and so on. Your physician's guidance should supersede the health and wellness information you get from any website, including ours. 

Speaking with a physician should be your first step any time you're unsure about whether or not you should start a workout regimen, make significant changes to your diet, or take supplements that you're unsure about possibly having adverse effects or interactions with medications. 

We recognize that healthcare in the United States, where we are and where most of our readers are, can be prohibitive and that it might not be an option for everybody to speak to their doctor on a regular basis. This is why we go to lengths to ensure that the information we share is not going to get anybody hurt and only recommend products that we have tried and verified. However, because we are not staffed by doctors and other medical professionals, our advice and guidance should only be viewed as that– advice and guidance based on our personal experiences– and not medical guidance as a key part of your healthcare.