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Say Hello to The Team Behind Self-Himprovement

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Blake Reichenbach

photo of blake with dry erase board in background


Owner and Founder, He/Him/His

Blake is an ISSA-certified Personal Trainer with a background in both tech and coaching. He's passionate about helping folks figure out what their ideal lives look like, and then go out and create them–– especially when it comes to their fitness and wellness goals. 

Victoria Sanders


Growth Manager, She/Her/Hers

Victoria brings over 10 years of marketing experience to Self-himprovement. Prior to joining the Self-himprovement team, she advised executives and businesses on event and marketing operations, customer acquisition and increasing profit margins. Previously, she was the Digital Sales Manager, of the largest event production company in the world, where she generated over 7 million in revenue. Earlier in her career, Victoria was a news writer and worked in sales for a cable television network.