The Self-Himprovement Vision

We're building an unparalleled community for guys who want to build their ideal lives.

man in a rock climbing gym

So much fitness and wellness content is the same "do pushups, do squats, get ripped, creatine" content over and over again.

We're here to break that mold. 

Self-Himprovement originally launched as an all-around men's lifestyle publication, but we've found our stride in our fitness and wellness content. It doesn't hurt that our founder and primary writer is a certified personal trainer and gym rat. 

We're here to create content and resources for guys of all walks of life, body types, gender expressions, and experiences to live happier, healthier lives. Regardless of your starting point, you should be able to build your ideal life and we're here to help you do that. 

We are still in the early stages of what Self-Himprovement will ultimately be. I'm a researcher and experimenter at heart, so I'm constantly iterating on what the next thing will be for us to invest in and pursue. Already, we have:

  1. Launched a blog with over 300,000 annual readers. 
  2. Created a podcast that, frankly, kicks ass. 
  3. Published a book that has helped numerous folks clarify their goals and make significant progress in creating their ideal lives.

As we enter into the next phase of our journey, possibilities are limitless. We're constantly brainstorming and bouncing around ideas for what will be of the most benefit to YOU, our readers and community members. 

Our Values

The core values behind everything we do

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We refuse to accept mediocrity. We rise up to challenges and tackle them head-on because we know that that is where growth happens.



If you're here checking out our content, you're part of our pack. We've got your back. We can't move forward if we get bogged down with lone wolf, alpha male BS.



Why would we slap a bunch of affiliate links in a post and shove them at you? If you bought the products and hated them, we'd ruin our reputation. That's why we only write honest reviews of products we've tried.


Continuous Learning

We are always down to try new things. Even if something doesn't work out in the end, our main goal is to have learning experiences and share the outcomes.