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Blake Reichenbach - Feb 1, 2019

Wish: Underwear Review

Wish is a website that has blown up in popularity over the last several years. On it, you're able to buy products directly from the manufacturers in China, cutting out layers of added costs that usually comes with finding similar products in stores. In fact, it's not uncommon to find items on Wish that are listed as $1 or free and you only have to pay shipping. 

Underwear is one such product that you can find with such markdowns. As an underwear aficionado, I'm always on the lookout for new briefs to buy. Yet, as an underwear critic as well, when I'm hunting for new underwear, I'm also on the lookout for value, style, and comfort. A good pair of underwear is going to have all three elements; they're stylish, a good value, and comfortable. 

Can a pair of free undies check all those boxes? Here's my review of "Classic Solid Men Briefs Underwear Low Waist Briefs Shorts Underpants Male Panties Underwear Men Cotton Brief Pants" from Wish. (Yes... that is actually how they are listed.)

The Full Review


Underwear Style

Image from iOSTo be honest, when I first looked at the underwear through the packaging, I was a bit thrown off by the rainbow waistband that I didn't remember (apparently that was always a part of it– I had just forgotten as much in the months between ordering them and receiving them), but otherwise I thought they looked like they were going to be nice. As I mention in the video, I wasn't expecting something ultra luxe. But, I was expecting to get some briefs that looked fun, even if they weren't the greatest quality.

Instead, what I got was one of the weirdest cuts I've ever seen for underwear.

Unlike what's shown in the image of the underwear on the wish app, these certainly did not have full booty coverage. The fabric cuts down the center of the butt cheek at a sharp angle, leaving a lot of booty exposed. I own jock straps that show less of my butt. 

Plus, on the front side of the undies, you've got an incredibly narrow cut. While a high hip cut can be very sexy and very fashionable, these undies fail to do so. Rather than contributing to sex appeal, the revealing, restricting cut of these undies leaves you looking less like snack and more like a man who has been living on a deserted island for the last twenty years and the only underwear he has to wear is the pair of briefs he wore as a seven year old when he was first marooned.   

Underwear Fit

Two words come to mind when thinking of the fit of these underwear: plain wrong.

You could further elaborate with other couplets, such as "butt triangle," "no crotch," or "hell no." 

Underwear Quality

Like I point out in the video, these briefs are filled with shoddy, prominent stitching, which is the first sign that they're poorly constructed. On top of that, you can see the gap in the waistband where the elastic meets, and it forms, you guessed it, another prominent stitch that will scratch into your lower back. The fabric that's used for the bulk of the brief also seems to have a really low thread count. At first it feels soft to the touch, but I think that what you're mostly feeling at first is how thin the fabric is. Wear these briefs for much time at all, and they're not going to feel silky and luxurious. They're going to be scratchy, uncomfortable, and because they're cut so poorly, you're also probably going to have your naughty bits fully fallen outside of them and being cut into by cheap seams of elastic.


Overall, these may be the least comfortable, worst looking undies I've worn in a long time. I still have some trunks from high school that are faded and starting to look threadbare in places, and I would pick those over these Wish undies any day. 

At the time that I bought these, they were free plus a $4 fee for shipping... that's $4 too much. If Wish were to pay me to take another pair, I would accept and then happily place them in my utility closet to be used as dust rags. 

Since I haven't made a graphic for a score of 0 out of 5, I'll give these a 1 out of 5. 

1 brief out of 5

(As a content marketer, I know that I should technically link this to my self-improvement products page since that's what I do with all products I review, but before I do so, I just have to say... don't waste money on these. They're so bad, so uncomfortable, and not even worth getting them for free. So, for technical SEO purposes, there's a link to my self-improvement products page here.)

Written by Blake Reichenbach

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