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Men's Underwear Reviews

Whether you want to update your wardrobe or just want to know what briefs won't rub you the wrong way, we've got you (and your naughty bits) covered. 

We would love to feature more diverse bodies in our underwear reviews! Stock photos/ our editor-in-chief don't cover a very wide spectrum. If you'd be interested in modeling for us, email blake@selfhimprovement.com

Our Favorites

Atelier Traditionnel Review
Most Comfortable: Atelier Traditionnel
When it comes to comfort, you cannot beat Atelier Traditionnel. But high-end comfort and quality come with a hefty price tag.
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Cheap Undies Review Icon
Best Value: Cheapundies
They may not be high-end couture, but CheapUndies effectively combines comfort, quality, and price. Plus, you can find more than their native brand on their site!
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Calvin Klein Briefs Icon
Best on a Budget: Calvin Klein
The Calvin Klein brand is built on luxury, but you can find CK briefs for as low as $7 a pair. Despite their price, they look good, feel good, and last at least a year with regular wear!
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JJ Malibu Review
Sexiest: JJ Malibu
Designed for circuit parties, JJ Malibu undies have sex appeal woven into each pair. You'll be showing a lot of body (maybe more than you're used to), but will look great while doing so.
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What Goes Into An Underwear Review

When reviewing a pair of men's underwear, we run through a pretty standard rubric for determining what a brand does well (or not so well). Broadly speaking, we're looking for the following characteristics: 

  • Quality: does the underwear seem to be made well? Does the fabric feel like it's going to be comfortable and hold up well? 
  • Comfort: how do they feel against your body? Are there rough seams or tags that could cause discomfort throughout the day? Does the underwear accommodate everything while still allowing for freedom of movement? 
  • Style: will you look as good as you feel? Does the underwear compliment multiple body types, or do you have to look like an underwear model to pull them off? What is the silhouette like?

All Reviews

Junk Underjeans
Junk Underjeans is a brand I hadn't heard of until I came across a pair on CheapUndies recently. I'm so glad I discovered them though. Here's why you should add a pair to your wardrobe.
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Ethika Men's Underwear
Ethika is hip, as the kids say. They make cool underwear for cool people. Here are our thoughts.
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Getting Free Underwear on Wish
Well... you get what you pay for. These win the award for WORST UNDERWEAR EVER.
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Andrew Christian, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, and Hanes
Don't subject your junk to uncomfortable underwear! I've tested out four brands and price points for you. Trust me... this is scientific.
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CheapUndies markets itself by saying that they cover your butt for less without sacrificing quality. But is this all hype? Do they have a shot at becoming your next favorite source for men's underwear?
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Atelier Traditionnel
Atelier Traditionnel is the luxury men's underwear brand you haven't heard of yet but should have. Here are our thoughts on the most expensive underwear we've ever reviewed.
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Calvin Klein Men's Briefs
Calvin Klein men's underwear is quite popular and well-known for being sexy, stylish, and comfortable. But how does Calvin Klein's b-line compare to their higher-end undies?
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JJ Malibu
JJ Malibu makes some very sexy underwear... but how do they look on someone who isn't an underwear model? How do they feel? Are they overpriced? Let's dive in.
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Know of a Brand You Think We Should Review?

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, you can't neglect the base layers of your outfit.

That's why reviewing men's underwear is one of our favorite activities.

If you'd like to request a review for your brand, please use the form on this page to get in touch! At this time, we are open to publishing reviews in exchange for products and are also accepting new paid partnerships as outlined here. All of our reviews are honest and based upon our editor-in-chief's experience of trying out and wearing your briefs, trunks, or other underwear.

So, if you have some men's underwear that you believe will check all of our boxes for comfort, style, and quality and you'd like to get them in front of a larger audience, definitely be in touch!

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