Self-Himprovement Editorial Policy and Revenue Disclaimer

TL;DR: We aim to always provide honest and transparent content. If something is sponsored, we tag it as sponsored. We make money by selling ad space and earning commissions on affiliate sales. 

Editorial Policy

There are a ton of men's fitness, wellness, and lifestyle publications out there. We take pride in standing out from the pack by creating content that is inclusive, positive, and focused on empowering our readers to build their ideal lives. 

Self-Himprovement's Content

We strive to provide readers with:

  • Transparent and honest reviews of products and services that we love and believe in.
  • Advice that is easy to follow and complies with fitness best practices.
  • Straightforward, no-BS content to help you expand your knowledge of fitness, wellness, style, and grooming. 
  • Vulnerable insights into some of the messier bits of what it means to be a man today that a lot of publications choose to ignore. 

At each stage of the content lifecycle– from planning to drafting to editing to publishing– we seek to maintain accurate, data-informed discussions in everything we publish. 

Medical Disclaimer

The information on Self-Himprovement is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The professionals featured on this website provide content for informational purposes only that does not replace recommendations made by your healthcare provider.

You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained via this site with other medical sources or your physician.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read or accessed through this site.

Our Process for Creating Content

We analyze industry trends as well as the behavior of viewers when they visit our site to assess and determine what content our readers want most. From there, we plan out the content, which is written by either Blake, our Founder, or a freelance contributor. Each piece is then reviewed for quality and accuracy prior to publication. 

How We Do Reviews

If we find and use a product that we love, we want to share it with you. Brands cannot pay us to receive positive reviews of their products. At times, some brands may offer to send us their products for a free trial. In such an event, these brands consent to us highlighting things that could be improved upon within our review and allow us to provide an honest and transparent opinion about the product's quality and value. In the event that a brand sends us a product which we would not feel comfortable recommending, we return it to the sender and decline the opportunity to write a review. 

How Does Self-Himprovement Make Money?

Self-Himprovement primarily makes money through ad revenue and affiliate marketing sales. Some of the content you read may contain affiliate sales links. Purchases you make from businesses that we link to from our site may result in us earning a small commission on your purchase. This incurs no additional costs for you, and it helps ensure that Self-Himprovement is able to continue operations. 

Additionally, we offer personalized marketing services and collaborative efforts with brands from time to time which can also help us generate revenue. In the event that a partner would like to submit a sponsored post (i.e. one which we do not write or which is created for a specific marketing purpose), we first evaluate that the content is useful for our audience and then indicate within the body of the content that it has been sponsored.