Exciting New Life Skills To Learn This Summer

Exciting New Life Skills To Learn This Summer

Most people think about diet or exercise whenever they read about improving themselves. While it's never a bad idea to look into those things, it is also good to step outside your comfort zone and try something you may have never thought about until now. The world offers so many amazing things for us to try; here are our recommendations for exciting new life skills to learn this summer.

A New Language

Language is always a way to bring people together, whether you want to learn some conversational Spanish to talk with your neighbors or pick up some American Sign Language to increase your communication options. While many people associate language with intelligence, it's undeniably a skill. Learning a new language requires practice, diligence, and regular usage to keep your abilities sharp.

Learn To Fly

You won't get very far by climbing up your roof and flapping your arms, but the power of flight is one exciting new skill to consider learning this summer. Once you find a flight instructor, consider signing up for lessons to become a private pilot. Knowing that you can take to the skies with ease is an amazing skill and a fantastic conversation starter too.

Think this sounds like a farfetched idea? We did too until we read that there were, on average, over 250,000 pilot license students in the US each year. That's way more than we expected. 

I did a little research, and it turns out there's an aviation school right down the road from me, and studying for a license only costs a few thousand dollars. Does anybody else want to live their James Bond fantasy?

Express Yourself Creatively

How much of your daily writing is in the form of text messages? When was the last time you sat down with a piece of paper and drew something? No matter how you choose to do it, finding an outlet to express yourself creatively is a great thing to practice over the summer.

Whether you're diving back into an old hobby you gave up or trying your hand at something new, don't be afraid to find some sort of canvas and release your inner artist. Writing, painting, sewing, and practicing musical instruments are all perfect creative outlets to explore.


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