5 of the Best Protein Sources for Muscle Gain

5 of the Best Protein Sources for Muscle Gain

Lifting weights and focusing on a proper diet—including consuming a healthy amount of protein—can help you achieve a toned physique. On average, eating about one gram of protein per pound you weigh daily will help with muscle repair, replenish you, and keep your energy up. You’ll likely slow down or stall your progress without the proper nutritional support.

So what are some of the best protein sources for muscle gain? Here are five sources you can find easily at your grocery store.

Chicken Breast

Packed with 26 grams of protein, chicken breast is one of the best protein sources for muscle gain. It’s also packed with essential vitamins, including many B vitamins. The nutrients in chicken breast help with bodily function during physical activities.

Keep in mind that consuming undercooked chicken has some safety risks, including contracting Salmonella poisoning, so ensure you cook it to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prep your meals for the week ahead, I recommend not prepping more than three days of chicken at a time. By the three-day mark of sitting in your fridge, food safety becomes questionable, but the meat will also be quite dry and tough.  


Perfect for any meal of the day, eggs are packed with protein and other beneficial vitamins. They also contain healthy fats and essential nutrients such as B vitamins and choline for optimal muscle repair and replenishment. Eggs also contain a significant amount of the amino acid leucine, which is imperative for muscle gain. Whether you eat them boiled, poached, scrambled, or over easy, eggs are delicious, satisfying sources of protein.

Nuts & Seeds

Whether you like cashews, almonds, or walnuts, consuming nuts and seeds boosts healthy proteins and fats. They make fantastic snack choices and good toppings for salads or yogurt. Plus, they taste good and help with cravings for other salty, crunchy foods, such as potato chips, pretzels, and crackers. Build protein without worrying about hunger pangs by snacking on some nuts or seeds.


If you aren’t a poultry fan, a three-ounce serving of salmon contains roughly 17 grams of protein. Additionally, it contains 1.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids and numerous B vitamins for nourishment. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal muscle health, increasing muscle gains during exercise. Overall, salmon is a fantastic addition for muscle gain and overall health.

Protein Powders

Protein powders are quick ways to get your daily dose of protein. One scoop of powder can vary between 15 and 30 grams of protein; you just need to add it to water. You can easily find standard whey or casein, as they’re the most popular formulations. However, if you have dairy sensitivities or don’t consume meat, you can find other protein powders made from crickets, soy, pea, beef, chicken, egg white, or hemp proteins. These are fantastic ways to curb cravings and get some calories in between meals.

Obtaining the proper amount of protein every day is essential for muscle gain. Experiment with the foods you like, and don’t skip out on protein shakes; you’ll make more progress with a proper diet.


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