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Reviewing MeUndies | Giving Them A Second Chance

MeUndies Review

Reviewing MeUndies Men’s Underwear After Giving Them a Second Chance

It’s not often that I give brands a second chance if I don’t love their products. I’m a penny pincher. If I feel like I’m wasting money, it stresses me out.

Despite this, I recently decided to give MeUndies a second chance after buying a pack of briefs from them that I simply do not like. Even though I followed their sizing chart the first time I made my purchase, the briefs that I received fit significantly worse than the same-size briefs I’ve purchased from other brands. More on that in a moment.

Even though my first interaction with MeUndies was less-than-stellar, I wanted to give them a second chance because there’s so much about the brand that I do like. For my second purchase, I went up a size, purchasing larges instead of mediums, and giving their trunks a try instead of just doing briefs.

But did they ultimately deserve a second chance?

About MeUndies | Why Did I Want to Try Them in the First Place?

According to the MeUndies website, their mission statement is “to fuel authentic self-expression.” As a brand, they preach a vision of creativity and self-acceptance, describing their products by saying:

That whole feeling good thing? We’re serious about it. Because when you feel good, you can do anything. Make a statement, make a difference, make nice, make a move, make some noise! Our basics are: designed for comfort, energized by creativity, [and] made for yoru self-expression.


They’ve been around for over a decade now. MeUndies launched in 2011 with the first online underwear subscription, revolutionizing the way people buy their basics, with a product selection that is anything but that.

Nowadays, MeUndies offers more than subscriptions. While you can subscribe to their offerings, you can also just make one-off purchases of briefs, boxers, pajamas, t-shirts, socks, and more. Their products are available in an absurd range of colors and patterns. You can get standard colors (navy, black, white, grey), bold colors (oranges, reds, earth tones, jewel tones), and patterns. The pattern options are a bit too much for my tastes. They seem to be inspired by Millennial internet culture with a touch of whimsy– you may have rainbows or superheroes or anthropomorphic sushi. The options are plenty.

Within MeUndies’ commercials and branding, they come across as fun, modern, and obsessed with comfort. Comfort is arguably the most important factor in choosing the underwear that works for you, so I wanted to see how well they lived up to their reputation.

First Try | Men’s Medium Briefs and No-Show Socks

The first time I purchased underwear from MeUndies, I got one of their mystery packs of medium men’s briefs and a few pairs of socks. With the mystery packs, you don’t get to decide on the designs of the underwear you’re getting. You just select the quantity you want, your size, and the style of underwear you want (briefs, trunks, boxers, etc).

I chose to get a mystery pack of briefs. Since I had heard positive things about MeUndies, I went ahead and ordered 8 pairs. Using the sizing chart on the website, I identified that I was a medium, so that’s what I went with.

When I received my mystery pack, I was excited to dig into it, but was ultimately let down.

The briefs I received were all graphic prints. I’m too old to have anthropomorphic chicken nuggets printed on, well, my nuggets. Each pair was brightly colored and printed with a cartoonish design, which isn’t really my style. I like underwear that’s understated, sexy, and confident. If I’m caught with my pants down, I want underwear that says “he knows what he’s doing,” not underwear that screams “manchild! Alert! Manchild!”


MeUndies Graphic Print DesignsHere are a few of the pairs that came in my first mystery pack from MeUndies.

Worse than the design was the fit. While the briefs fit around my waist, there wasn’t much room for my thighs, glutes, or crotch. To quote an acquaintance at a house party I was at during undergrad, I was “putting way too much sausage and potatoes into a single pan.”

Because of the way the briefs fit, there were uncomfortable seams digging into the space where my thighs meet my crotch. Speaking of the latter, I often found myself needing to discreetly adjust myself throughout the day. The lack of space in the fabric meant that I was being mashed down in uncomfortable ways. If something moved when I went from sitting to standing, for example, it would then get caught in the fabric and compressed against me in ways it usually didn’t. While skintight underwear is fine for Twitter thirst traps, it’s pretty impractical and uncomfortable when that’s not what you’re going for.

The socks were also pretty disappointing. They, too, are colorful graphic prints. Worse than the print is the fact that they’re prone to sliding out of place and rolling down in your shoes. The backs of the socks are padded to make them more comfortable in running shoes, but they also just fit oddly and don’t stay put.

Disappointed and out more money than I’d care to admit, I relegated my MeUndies briefs to the back of my drawer so that I could have them on hand for “oops I forgot to do laundry” emergencies rather than daily wear.

Second Try | Men’s Large Briefs and Trunks

After a rocky start to trying MeUndies, I was hesitant but curious to find out if sizing up would have a significant impact. About a full year after trying their products for the first time, I decided it was time to see if they deserved a second chance. I wanted to like the brand, and I needed to know if picking my own styles and a larger size would seal the deal.

Drumroll, please…

Blake wearing MeUndies trunks

It did. Buying in a large was definitely the right choice. My legs and glutes don’t feel like they’re being squeezed, and there aren’t hard seems cutting into the area between my thigh and groin.

Putting them to the test the first time I wore them, I got in a workout– including a half hour of cycling– while wearing my MeUndies trunks. They stayed comfortable for the entire workout and largely avoided bunching. Since they’re not specifically made for workouts, they didn’t exactly wick moisture, but since they’re primarily made from modal, they also didn’t feel uncomfortably damp. Full disclosure and maybe a bit of TMI: I’m not a big sweater while lifting, but do get pretty sweaty while doing cardio. Even after the cardio, I didn’t have visible swamp ass– that’s always a plus.

I am a little disappointed that the sizing guide is a bit off. Technically, the mediums did fit me around the waist, but the larges do too and have the added bonus of actually being comfortable through my legs and glutes.

Final Verdict

I’m glad I gave them a second try. The trunks are a bit more comfortable than the briefs in general, but getting the briefs in the right size certainly helped. Also, picking out styles (i.e. solid colors that compliment my skin tone rather than absurd cartoons) definitely helps me feel more comfortable in them.

Ultimately, I think I’ll probably buy more from MeUndies as I need to replace older pieces in my wardrobe. I wish we had gotten off to a better start with that first order. If we had, I’d own several more pairs by now.

If it’s your first time buying from them and you’re right at the top end of one size’s specified range, consider sizing up. You may also want to order a single pair at first to make sure they’re a good fit– otherwise, you could end up doing what I did and purchasing a full pack of briefs that don’t feel great on the goods.

I still don't love the socks that I originally got from MeUndies. I don't think I need to size up for them– I just don't think they stay in place well. So, while the underwear proves to be pretty great, I don't love the socks and don't plan on purchasing more. 

Why I Wanted to Give MeUndies a Second Chance

My decision to give MeUndies a second chance ultimately came down to two factors: their fabrics and their culture.

MicroModal Fabric for Underwear

MeUndies uses MicroModal fabric to make their underwear. MicroModal fabric is made from beechwood tree fibers. It is incredibly soft and breathable, and when blended with elastane, it holds its shape really well. It’s a common fabric choice for high-end brands, such as Atelier Traditionnel, because it is so comfortable, durable, and colorfast.

Additionally, MicroModal is generally more environmentally sustainable than cotton. Beechwood trees need less water and farming them for their fibers releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than a lot of other textile source options. MeUndies also has a commitment to responsibly sourcing their fabric, too, which is great since it’s not uncommon for brands that use eco-conscious language to purchase their products from suppliers that don’t respect or care for their workers.

Wearing MicroModal briefs feels very silky and cool to the touch, which is always great for parts of your body that tend to get sweaty and warm. Knowing that the fabric is ethically and sustainably sourced is like another soothing caress to your… conscious.

MeUndies’ Culture Ultimately Seals the Deal

At the time of writing this, MeUndies has selected LA LGBT Center and The Body Positive as their charity partners for the year. The LA LGBT Center, “works to provide services for more LGBTQIA+ people than any other organization in the world” and the partnership between the center and MeUndies is focused on giving back to the community and providing for homeless LGBT+ youth.

Similarly, The Body Positive helps people develop balanced, joyful self-care and a relationship with their bodies that is guided by love, forgiveness, and humor. Their partnership is focused on prioritizing body positivity and inclusiveness, which is so important, especially for a business that primarily sells underwear.

These partnerships seem to be more than commitments in name only. Across MeUndies’ website, there are designs and posts promoting the LGBTQ+ community in a way that feels authentic and not like purely exploitative rainbow capitalism.

Additionally, in their product photos, they actually do include diverse bodies in a way that feels authentic to the products. Often, when a brand says they’re doing a body positive campaign, they’ll relegate that campaign specifically to a body positive section– as if to say “look, we’re including fat people, too” while sequestering everyone who doesn’t look like your typical underwear model to areas of lower visibility.

I want to support brands that are aligned with my values, and queer liberation and body positivity are both near and dear to my heart.


Is MeUndies Ethical?

You can always make the argument that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. However, if you’re specifically curious about whether or not MeUndies engages in bad labor practices, they appear to be in the clear. When discussing their factories, they highlight their commitment to fair trade production with facilities that treat workers with respect. That is coming from the company itself, so bias is likely, but I’m also having trouble finding scandals or labor malpractice. While evidence is lacking to confirm whether or not workers have collective bargaining power or the right to complain about conditions, there’s also no evidence to suggest that they don’t.

Is MeUndies Sustainable?

Because MeUndies primarily uses modal as their fabric of choice, they are likely more sustainable than a lot of other clothing brands. However, according to Good On You, “There is no evidence that it has taken meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals. There is no evidence it minimizes textile waste. There is no evidence it reduces its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain.” While beechwood-sourced modal can be a more sustainable choice, fabric choice alone cannot fully alleviate environmental concerns.

How Much Does MeUndies Cost?

For MeUndies’ men’s underwear, costs are going to be slightly higher than most department store brands but lower than high-end brands. For all underwear styles they offer, excluding long underwear, you’re going to be paying $24 per pair for most styles and $36 per pair for higher tier pairs, such as their “breathe” line. Members do get slightly lower pricing at $18 per pair for most styles and $26 per pair for the higher-end line.

How Does the MeUndies Membership Work?

With the membership, you get a new pair of underwear every month at the membership pricing. According to their website, members get access to:

  • Member pricing. Enjoy special pricing on everything we make. Seriously, go nuts!
  • No strings attached. It’s your Membership! Swap styles, skip a month, pause for 3 months, or cancel anytime!
  • Unlock early access. You get first dibs on our most popular prints and products so you can get them before they sell out!
  • Reserve a print. You can immediately reserve a print/color as soon as it’s released to guarantee you get it!
  • Free shipping for US orders. Members get free shipping for domestic orders regardless of the total amount!

I suppose this means that, in theory, you could abuse the sign-up for membership function and then cancel or pause your membership to get MeUndies for the cheaper price, but I’m assuming they have fraud mechanisms in place that limit that.

Is the MeUndies Membership Worth it?

Do you have an aging underwear drawer that needs to be replaced? If so, it may be worth it. You can get a new pair each month, opting to dispose of an old pair (old underwear makes for great cleaning rags if you prefer to recycle) and replace it with one of your new pairs. At $18 per month and free shipping in the United States, it’s not a bad deal.

For example, I think that a few years ago– as I was phasing out the clothes my parents bought me in college and buying my own wardrobe– it would have been a good fit for me.

As it is, I don’t need new underwear every month, so it’s not a great fit for me and wouldn’t deliver on the appropriate level of value.



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