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Underwear Review: CheapUndies

CheapUndies Review

Even back in high school, I was an underwear addict. It’s one of my favorite articles of clothing to buy even though it’s one of the least-seen pieces I wear. So, when I came across CheapUndies, whose tagline is “we cover your butt for less,” I was ecstatic.

Saving money and stocking up on underwear… what could be better?

So, I gave CheapUndies a try. Here’s what I found.

Underwear Style

As a quick disclaimer, the CheapUndies website carries a lot more brands than the CheapUndies brand. They also carry 2(X)ist, Cellblock, Discover, Flyboy, Papi, and so much more– all at significantly cheaper prices than what you could find in a department store. But, for the sake of this review, I’m going to be looking exclusively at the CheapUndies brand.

One thing that stands out about the CheapUndies brand is that their underwear is incorporates a lot of bright colors. In the past (aka when I first discovered CheapUndies), their underwear selection seemed to only exist in neon shades of color. Now, they also have quite a few options that have a dark base with colorful accents. In my opinion, this is a big step up. The brightly colored underwear trend is on its way out, and is really only beneficial if you’re a go-go dancer and need to ensure that your crotch is visible enough to catch some dollars in a dark club or if you’re specifically going to an underwear-themed party (they exist).

The first pair that I bought from CheapUndies was a pair of trunks. Compared to other brands of trunks– like TopMan or Express– CheapUndies trunks were a little bit shorter. I typically think of trunks as having an inseam that extends slightly below your package. With CheapUndies, they’re about flush, though the sides of the legs come up slightly higher on the thigh.

They’re also low-rise and have a pretty thin waistband. Because of this, I’d say that they fall slightly more on the sexy side than the practical side. I had initially purchased them as an everyday pair of underwear, but I now pretty much only wear them on date nates or other occasions where I want to feel a little frisky.

Underwear Fit

For me, CheapUndies’ underwear is much like the pop music that dominated the radio in 2014 and 2015– all about the butt.

My pair of trunks are made from a 92% modal 8% elastane blend, and that elastane definitely comes in handy with making them fit snugly against the skin. 8% may not seem like much, but by comparison, other brands that use modal– like Atelier Traditionnel or Coconut Supply– typically use a 95/5 split. That extra 3% of elastane in the fabric blend makes a pretty significant difference.

For the butt, this is fantastic. My booty in these looks perky and round. Everything is tightly confined, but well accentuated.

The front side, however, is a different story. Up front, they’ve added a bit of extra room– not quite a full junk pouch, but a little extra space nonetheless. Yet, with the fabric being so contoured to your body, the extra space isn’t fully adequate. I find that if I’m going to be walking around quite a bit, the tightness of the fabric can be a bit too much, and causes me to need to adjust frequently. Things get bent and pushed oddly, and can make for odd bulges in gym shorts or joggers. And I’m not just talking moose knuckle. I’m talking like no-I-don’t-have-a-really-small-boner-right-now-my-penis-is-just-bent-in-half-and-honestly-I’m-not-sure-where-it’s-trying-to-go kind of bulges. Ergo… lots of adjusting.

Still, as I mentioned before, they do wonders to enhance the booty, and I find them to be a great choice for date nights.

Underwear Quality

With “cheap” in the name, I expected my trunks to last for maybe six months before they began piling or stretching (probably both).

But, when I got them, I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t realized prior to ordering that they were a modal blend rather than a cotton blend but was very happy to find out that they were. While modal can be surpassed by something like MicroModal, it’s still a really nice fabric and typically comes with a higher retail price. Paying less than $10 for my trunks, I was shocked to be getting something other than cotton.

On top of that, the stitching was a really nice accent color and was really sturdy. Around the inner thigh, the seams felt like they weren’t stitched with the highest quality thread and were a little bit coarse, but honestly, I don’t know if I would have even noticed that if I wasn’t wearing them and examining them with a critical eye for the purpose of writing a review.


Overall, I think CheapUndies has far more pros than cons. The fit is a little bit restrictive in the genital region, but that’s the main drawback. Wearing them under a looser fitting pant or on days where you’re not going to have much physical activity pretty much remedies this issue.

For me, the main selling points for CheapUndies has to be the price and the quality. The design is good too, but doesn’t stand out to me as something really special. The price, however, can’t be beaten, and they’re well made. This means that CheapUndies have a lot of value.

Because of this, I give CheapUndies brand underwear… ⅘ .

4 briefs out of 5



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